Xicor, Goku’s Strongest Son

The great thing about the Dragon Ball franchise at the moment is that there is an abundance of fan made content available for the public to enjoy and watch. Some of these fan-made projects are so great that they even go on to become legitimate audition ideas to be incorporated in the official franchise. Probably one of the most famous and popular fan-made projects is Dragon Ball AF which Toyotaro (the official Dragon Ball Super Manga artist) has also worked on.

The reason for Dragon Ball AF’s popularity is due to a single character that has attracted Dragon Ball fans for years: Xicor, the third son of Goku. There’s no doubt that Xicor is the strongest son of Son Goku. Born with white hair and naturally a Super Saiyan 5 in his base state, compared to his half-brothers, Goten and Gohan, Xicor is leagues ahead in terms of power. In fact, Toyble clearly stated that Xicor is even more powerful than his father, Goku himself.

In the beginning of Dragon Ball AF, we get to see Xicor face off against both Goten and Gohan only for the latter to be completely annihilated by Xicor’s power. It’s a very unfair fight as Xicor has both the genes of Goku and a literal divine being. On the other hand, the Saiyans on earth have never received a major threat for years, making them soft and powerless against this behemoth.

Later on, in the story, Vegeta also arrives to face off against Xicor but he too turned out to be no match for this opponent. Even with Gohan and Vegeta teaming up, both in their Super Saiyan 4 states, Xicor continues to toy with them while he effortlessly blocks their attacks. Only when Goku arrives does Xicor finally show some sort of fear.

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