Why Vegeta Should Refuse To Learn Ultra Instinct

Dragon Ball Super is at a major crossroads right now, with the anime on hiatus and the manga finishing up a pivotal new arc. While the series is in this state of flux fans are talking and speculating about what should happen with the next phase of Dragon Ball, and there’s one topic that comes up quite often: Goku’s new Ultra Instinct power-up. After a brief introduction, mastering Ultra Instinct has become the next big destination for Dragon Ball Super’s story – but its a destination that Vegeta doesn’t need to travel to.

One of Dragon Ball’s best achievements has been the epic and dynamic character arc of Vegeta. The Prince of Saiyans started out as the big bad on Dragon Ball Z, and the rest of that series slowly but surely moved Vegeta from arch villain to anti-hero, step by careful step. By the time Majin Vegeta was shedding tears and sacrificing himself to protect to the Earth, fans could hardly believe just how much they’d grown to love Vegeta as a central part of Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Super took things a step further in a wiser direction with Vegeta’s character by giving him a unique new power-up tied to his character growth: Super Saiyan God SS Evolution. Vegeta unlocked that next level of Super Saiyan Blue during his ToP battles – in large part because he didn’t wan’t to continue the DBZ/DBS tradition of simply following in the footsteps of Goku’s Super Saiyan transformations. The manga has gone even further in its post-ToP arc, by having Vegeta officially split from Goku, after they were beaten down and nearly killed by the series new villain, Moro. Goku is working on mastering Ultra Instinct, but Vegeta has gone to Planet Yardrat to learn his own set of new techniques from the planet’s mysterious inhabitants, vowing to never again rely on Goku’s powers to save the day.

With Akira Toriyama guiding this new manga arc, the intention seems clear: It’s time for Vegeta to step out onto his own. All the pieces are already in place for the Vegeta to go through his own new stages of power-up and Dragon Ball Super’s story has opened the door for bigger possibilities like Vegeta heading to a whole other universe (U6) to lead an entire new race of heroic Saiyans. To ignore all that potential just to have Vegeta once again become a late-bloomer twin to Goku’s new form, would be a real crime.

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