Why Does The Omni-King Have Guards?

Although Dragon Ball Super has ended, it has left behind many hidden mysteries and unexplained moments that have left fans puzzling. One of these mysteries that has to be explained is related to the Omni-King, the literal God of the Dragon Ball multiverse. Being the strongest and most powerful character in the series, why would such a deity require the help of Guards? Is there someone out there that could possibly harm or even kill the Omni-King even though he is stated to be immortal.

The Guards are always seen with the Omni-King, the only time we saw the Omni-King without his guards was during the future trunk’s saga when the Omni-King was brought to erase the entire Universe. So, what purpose do these guards exactly have? Zeno-Oh definitely has more than enough power to erase any foe and definitely can’t be killed since he is immortal.

One duty that the guards are entrusted to do is the prevent the Omni-King from outside exposure. The Omni-King has a very volatile nature, you never know when his mood might swing and he decides to erase everything. With such destructive power, you want to keep this person as happy as possible and as far away from people like Goku.

When Goku first meets Zeno-Oh, you can see the guards pop up from the ground to stop Goku from stepping any further. They don’t want Goku to say something that might make the Omni-King mad and hence cause him to do something unpleasant. So, it’s the guard’s duty to ensure that a large number of people don’t die from Zeno-Oh’s destructive power to erase things that displease him.

In short, the Guards aren’t there to protect Zeno-Oh from the outside world, they are there to protect the outside world from the wrath of Zen-Oh.

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