What If Broly Took Part In The Tournament Of Power?

In Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power, audiences witnessed as the most powerful fighters from 8 universes gathered to compete in a battle royale for the survival of their respective universes. Universe 7 was the main spotlight throughout the tournament but what if we were to change the participants. What if Broly, the legendary Super Saiyan, took part in the Tournament of Power under the mantle of Universe 7? How would he perform and compare to the other powerful warriors and would he make a difference in the outcome of the tournament?


Caulifla and Kale fighting together would get stomped by Rage Broly, who was comparable to Super Saiyan God, a form Goku used to completely outmatch the two. Base form Kefla (who was much stronger than SSG Goku) should be stronger than Broly in his Rage state. Rage Broly was losing to SSB Goku, while Super Saiyan Kefla was able to utterly defeat SSB Kaioken x20 Goku, suggesting Super Saiyan Kefla would far outmatch Broly’s Oozaru power.

SS Broly was stronger than SSB Goku and Vegeta together, which still puts him behind Super Saiyan Kefla, but seeing how he was able to hold his own against Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta, it’s likely he is far, far, stronger than Kefla, even if she uses Super Saiyan 2.

Android 17

Seeing how 17 was comparable to SSB Kaioken x20 Goku and SSB Evolution Vegeta in the fight against Jiren, managed to survive one of Jiren’s attacks with his maximum power shields, and was even the first fighter to damage full power Jiren in the ToP, this android should pose a serious threat to Super Saiyan Broly. Being quite the analytical fighter, he might even manage to force Broly off the tournament stage through power and strategy. Ultimately, however, he would either be surpassed by a continuously powering-up Super Saiyan Broly, or get curbstomped by the Saiyan’s Legendary Super transformation.


Toppo was truly formidable in the ToP, managing to fight Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta on seemingly equal terms and outclassing Ultimate Gohan, but was eventually overwhelmed by Frieza and Android 17, upon which he was forced to resort to using his powers of Destruction.

Using destruction energy, he was able to pummel Frieza to the same degree as Broly would many months later. God of Destruction Toppo fought an equal battle against SSBE Vegeta, who was many times stronger than how he was as a regular Super Saiyan Blue. I’d say Toppo would be a major threat to Super Saiyan Broly thanks to the destruction energy he acquired. But once again, Toppo should be low enough below Legendary Super Saiyan Broly that Hakai might not matter, and so the Saiyan could dispel the destructive energy just like Frieza did with Sidra’s Hakai.


In the movie, Super Saiyan Broly proved to outmatch SSB Vegeta and Goku together, but since Super Saiyan Blue Evolution Vegeta is roughly equal to SSB Kaioken x20 Goku and was shown to be stronger than God of Destruction Toppo, SSBE Vegeta could probably hold up quite well against SS Broly. As with everyone we mentioned on this list before, however, he would probably lose to the Legendary Super Saiyan.


At full power, Jiren is far stronger than SSBE Vegeta, Android 17 and SSB KKx20 Goku combined, making him many times stronger than everyone on this list aside from UI Goku. This powerhouse would probably dominate SSJ Broly. Whether or not he is stronger than the Legendary Super Saiyan is harder to say, because Gogeta never gave Broly a chance to catch up to his power, continuing to dominate the semi-feral Saiyan for the entirety of their match, meaning we don’t know how strong Broly is compared to the fusion, only that he’s somewhere between SSB Goku and Vegeta and SSB Gogeta.


Using his completed Ultra Instinct, Goku is stronger than Jiren. We saw in the anime that UI activates whenever Goku gets into a tricky spot (getting hit by a Spirit Bomb, getting cornered by Kefla, the threat of losing to Jiren with everyone else on his team unable to help) so he would probably transition into UI if he fought Broly. UI Goku and Jiren are pretty close in terms of power, so the result of ToP Goku vs. Broly would likely turn out the same way as Jiren vs. Broly.

To conclude, the only two contestants at the Tournament of Power who might stand a chance on their own against LSSJ Broly are Goku and Jiren. We know Jiren wasn’t much of a team player until the end of the ToP, but maybe if every fighter on this list ganged up on Broly, they could actually have a decent chanced of coming out on top.

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