What If Beerus Went All Out?

At the planet of the Gods, Broly steps up to Beerus as taking on two Saiyan Gods wasn’t enough for him, so he’s going straight for the real God of Destruction. This is an animation done by UHGAnimation and it’s a really cool fight between Beerus and Broly. What’s interesting though is that in this fight, Beerus goes all out as 100% of his power is needed to face off against the might of the legendary Super Saiyan.

When Beerus does go all out, he transforms into this Hakaishin mode. It’s very similar to when Toppo first became the God of Destruction during the tournament of Power when he first embraced becoming a God. Toppo’s entire body transformed as he got these weird tribal tattoos and a powerful aura surrounding him. In this specific fight, Beerus seems to go through a similar transformation. However, in this depiction Beerus is at 100% as he fights against Broly.

Although this animation was fan-made and is in no way related to the canon of Dragon Ball, it certainly raises a very serious question regarding Universe 7’s God of Destruction. Why haven’t we seen Beerus go all out in the anime or manga so far? So many new and powerful characters have been introduced, all of which seem way more powerful than the care-free Beerus. Moro, Broly, Jiren, and even Zamasu have developed into some of the most powerful opponents in Dragon Ball Super, yet Beerus has never faced off against any of them.

One of the major reasons why Beerus is so laid back could be due to the narrative of the story. Introducing a 100% Beerus would not be in the best of the interests for the general plot. Just consider Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which was probably the first movie that was entirely focused on a character other than Goku. It wouldn’t have made sense for Beerus to intervene in between the destined battle of the Saiyans.

One adverse effect of having Beerus on the sidelines is that the character is now undermined to the point that he has been left behind by the other Characters. Beerus should be given a chance to show off his true strength as the true God of Destruction and what better moment to do it but against the new villain Moro.

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