What happens to Goku and Vegeta After Dragon Ball Super

With Dragon Ball Super having ended almost a year ago, fans have been desperately waiting for any sign from Toei on the series continuation. The anime may not have resumed but fans were glad to hear the arrival of a movie. Dragon Ball Super: Broly did way better than what was expected as it continued the series canon by adding the titular Saiyan Broly. After the movie, it was still uncertain if the series would continue despite the constant rumors of its revival.

After Dragon Ball Super

Fortunately for many fans, Toei announced another Dragon Ball Super which is already in its development phase. It seems as though the series hiatus will continue as the producers will have to make way for the production of the film. Meanwhile, all this time the Dragon Ball Super Manga has continued to dish out some of the best chapters in the Manga. This is what happens to Goku and Vegeta after the conclusion of the anime.

The Manga made a brief mention of the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly before it delved into unknown territory. The new material is actually a complete and unique arc which introduces fans to a fearsome new villain and some interesting new characters. Goku and Vegeta are caught up in a battle of survival against the new antagonist who happens to be an old adversary of Majin Buu and the Daikaioh.

After Dragon Ball Super

This new enemy known as Moro has a vast arsenal of magical abilities and physical prowess. However, since he has lost most of his power due to his binding, he is now in search of the Namekian Dragon Balls to restore his magic back to his full potential. This is where Goku and Vegeta are brought in to deal with Moro before he gets too strong. Both Goku and Vegeta were excited to face this new enemy but soon their excitement turned into fear, as Moro not only outpowered them but he crushed them to the point that they almost died.

From here on out, the story introduces several older plots from Dragon Ball Z, regarding the Daikaioh. This directly leads to Majin Buu being brought in as a new challenger, surprisingly however Majin Buu turns out to be the perfect weapon against Moro as he can negate his magical abilities and also use his material body against this deadly foe. The arc has yet to ended and there is a lot of story remaining to be told. Let’s hope that the upcoming Dragon Ball series adapts this arc first and foremost. Microsoft

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