Watch Dragon Ball Z: Fanart imagines Frieza in a Shogun Makeover

Dragon Ball is one of the most famous franchises notable for its extremely diverse universe of characters. Akira Toriyama’s work has inspired a whole generation of fans and artist to come up with some twists of their own. One fan has even imagined an entirely new universe based on the Japan Edo period. Today we will take a look at a Dragon Ball Z fanart dedicated to Frieza. To watch Dragon Ball Z click here.

Artist Guillem Dauden shared his fanart which shows his shogun take on Frieza. The art gives the infamous villain a fresh and wicked new look. Check it out for yourself.

Dragon Ball Z Fanart

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The image shows Frieza in the guise of a Japanese shogun (local warlord).  The villain is instantly recognizable even under all the layers of the samurai armor. His perfectly themed clothing and brandished weapons identify his political and military rank. Frieza has always considered himself with complete authority and the official position of Shogun would probably best fit his character against his “Emperor” label.

If given the chance, Frieza would act exactly the same way he is already if he was made shogun. It would be a great alternate universe to explore some of the most famous characters in the franchise.

Frieza made a comeback in the latest anime series of the franchise, Dragon Ball Super. He even took part in the all-important Tournament of Power where He helped Goku and the other Z-warriors to take on several universes in a bout for survival. Frieza played an important role in the success of Universe 7 acting as a good guy for a change. The villain also premiered in the successful Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie.

So, what do you think about this fanart? Let us know in the comments below.

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