Watch Dragon Ball Super Dubbed Episode 115 with Recap

With only 20 minutes left in the Tournament of Power, things are finally getting heated up. In the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super dubbed we saw Goku face off against Universe 6’s Kale and Caulifla. Both of them fused together to form Kefla, the strongest warrior for Universe 6 which is currently even stronger than Goku. How will Goku deal with this new threat, continue reading to find out.

Dragon Ball Super Dubbed

Dragon Ball Super Dubbed

The episode starts off with Goku cornered by Kefla who continues to power up and grows stronger with each passing second. With no other option, Goku can do nothing but run away from her with Kefla chasing after him. Beerus is infuriated by the fusion and says that it is cheating and that Champa should be disqualified. However, the Omni-King allows the Potara fusion as it is much more fun.

Meanwhile, Vegeta who is getting battered by Toppo, can’t seem to get his mind off of the fused warrior. In another part of the arena, Piccolo and Gohan are still struggling against the Namekians who have similar healing abilities to Piccolo. The Supreme Kai suggests that the Universe 7s androids should fuse but Whis mentions that they will lose an extra fighter. Ultimately Beerus decides against this idea.

Dragon Ball Super Dubbed

Goku and Kefla’s battle rages on with Kefla continuing to get stronger. Goku regains some of his stamina and is able to transform in Super Saiyan Blue. Seeing him transform, Kefla transforms into her Super Saiyan form as well and proceeds to exchange blows with Goku. The battle is powerful that even Jiren is rattled during his meditation.

Kefla launches a huge Ki blast at Goku who in turn is forced into his SSJB Kaio-Ken form to deflect it. Beerus is worried about the strain this technique will leave on Goku’s body as he is still not in tip-top shape. Goku manages to land a solid punch on Kefla which knocks her away but Kefla won’t stay down.

Goku launches one final Kamehameha wave but Kefla is able to dodge it and kicks Goku down. This knocks Goku out of his SSJB form and he struggles to stand up. Kefla is ready to eliminate Goku, but Goku refuses to stay down.

Dragon Ball Super Dubbed

She fires a flurry of Ki blasts but suddenly Goku is able to activate his Autonomous Ultra Instinct form once more. He is able to dodge all of her attacks with ease. It seems as though Goku has broken his limits once more and everyone is waiting to see him in action once again. There only 19 minutes left before the Tournament ends.

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