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While fans may argue over who is stronger between Goku and Vegeta, one thing is for certain, Vegeta is THE best character in the entire series. Starting off as an antagonist in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta quickly made his way into the hearts of many fans as he grew into a Good guy. Through his losses and Struggle, Vegeta was still able to push forward and even managed to find a new family. Here are some of his best moments from the Dragon Ball Series.

“I Will never fight again”

After Cell was finally defeated near the end of the Cell Saga, Vegeta was shocked and depressed by the death of his rival, Goku. The one man who he wanted to beat was no more, and on top of that his son Gohan was the one to defeat Cell showing Vegeta how powerless he was compared to Goku and Gohan. With all that Shame and guilt towering down upon him, Vegeta announced that he was no warrior and would never fight again.

Vegeta Rages Over Trunks death

Throughout the Cell Saga, Vegeta remained cocky and prideful as he always was and always looked down on his son Trunks. When Cell shoots Trunks, leading him to his death, Vegeta burns with anguish and finally feeling some fatherly love rushes forward to attack Cell.

“That’s my Bulma!”

Probably one the best scenes in Dragon Ball Super was when Beerus slapped Bulma when she attempted to stop the God of Destruction. Vegeta who was all respectful of Beerus at first, went completely Berserk, shouting “That’s my Bulma!” and proceeded to attack Beerus. This scene shows Vegeta’s love for Bulma and his unseen side that we don’t get to see very often.

Vegeta crushes Android 19

The first major Spotlight for Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z, was when he finally achieved the Super Saiyan form and rescued Goku from Dr. Gero and Android 19. Vegeta showed off his immense strength while crushing Android 19, who was giving Goku a hard time. Fans were desperately waiting for this moment and when it finally came it was incredible.

Vegeta Owns Imperfect Cell

After achieving the ascended Super Saiyan form, Vegeta rushed to battle imperfect Cell. Android 18 who was hiding from Imperfect Cell was shocked to see Vegeta who she had already beaten to a pulp. However, with his new form Vegeta was able to instill fear into his opponents once more, proving he was the strongest of the Saiyan’s.

Vegeta Turn Super Saiyan Blue

When Vegeta first turned Super Saiyan Blue, it was a special moment for fans and the character itself. For years, Vegeta had always remained the underdog but now he had achieved a form that was even stronger than Goku’s. Combined with his refined skills and battle prowess, Vegeta was able to make easy work of Frieza who up until then was manhandling Goku.

Vegeta acknowledges Goku

Probably the single best moment for Vegeta throughout the entire series was during the Buu saga when Vegeta finally acknowledged Goku to be stronger than him. He finally realized that his pride and selfishness had blinded him from that fact. Goku loves fighting, its what makes him stronger whereas Vegeta only fought to Kill and get stronger, it was this difference that made Goku better than Vegeta.

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