Watch a 1975 Documentary about UFO’s created by the Dragon Ball Studio

r/ObscureMedia is a Reddit thread dedicated to sharing lesser known media and short films that may have become obscure from the average viewer. Recently the folks over at this thread were able to discover up a weird old anime short from 1975 about the phenomenon of Alien ships known as Unknown flying Objects or UFO for short. The documentary is only 15 minutes long and you can watch it below.

Documentary created by the Dragon Ball Studio

What makes this documentary short unique is that it is actually created by Toei Animation, the studio who is behind the production of Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon. It was created in 1975 during Toei’s 12th annual Cartoon festival, where the studio would premiere similar short films and theatrical versions of their series during school breaks.

The documentary mentions several historical events and incidents in which UFOs were claimed to be sighted, such as the 1948 Mantell UFO incident and the Kenneth Arnold sighting. These mysterious events are actually well recorded in detail and dive further into the appearance and workings of the UFOs as well. How the UFOs function and who is actually maneuvering them, all these questions are answered in detail.

It may be a very short documentary but its very entertaining and well-produced. A fun way to spend 15 minutes. Its almost been 5 decades since this short was featured maybe Toei could launch a sequel in the future as we’ve learned much more about these UFO sightings. Comment below what you think about this short documentary.

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