Vegeta Wants To Learn Instant Transmission

Dragon Ball Super’s current manga story arc, “Galactic Patrol Prisoner,” is moving into what seems to be its climatic act, and the latest installment set the stage for that finale in a big way. Dragon Ball Super chapter 51 sees evil sorcerer Moro setting up shop across the universe, using his gang of escaped convicts to scout planets they can loot, in exchange for leading Moro to abundant sources of life energy to consume.

Moro’s reign of terror continues for weeks on end totally unchecked, due to the fact that Goku and Galactic Patrol can neither pinpoint Moro’s location, or come up with a viable strategy for actually stopping the villain, who has steadily been transforming into a more powerful form. However, while Goku and the Galactic Patrol are stuck planning, Vegeta is putting a plan into action!

Having split from Goku, Vegeta takes his own Galactic Patrol vessel and embarks for the Planet Yardrat. This world is famous in the Dragon Ball Universe due to its inhabitants being exclusive users of unique techniques like Instant Transmission, which has led Dragon Ball fans to the assumption that Vegeta is finally getting his own teleportation abilities. However, many fans also think that Vegeta’s agenda on Yardrat will involve much more than just copying what Goku has done – so is Dragon Ball really teasing the debut of Vegeta’s Instant Transmission like it seems?

But how can Yardrat help? Well, assuming Vegeta isn’t just going there to learn Instant Transmission as a transportation system. The mysterious planet hasn’t really been explored in depth since Goku resided there for a year after his first Super Saiyan battle with Frieza on Namek. We know the Yardratians are able to use Instant Transmission – but we also know they have other rare techniques that could be of use.

To sum things up, it’s a safe bet that Vegeta will at least learn a way to put Instant Transmission to much more aggressive use than Goku does – possibly as a way to move fast enough to keep Moro from siphoning his Super Saiyan energy. There’s also the possibility that the physically meek Yardratians hold their own in actual combat.

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