Toriyama speaks on latest Dragon Ball Super movie and its future

Dragon Ball Super movie

Recently, The Dragon Ball Super movie comic was released in Japan. The new manga is a fully colored adaptation of the film’s events. Moments after the comic’s release an interview was held with the creator of the franchise, Akira Toriyama. There were a lot of interesting takes from the interview with several hints guessing where the series might go in the future. Here is a list of several questions that were answered by Toriyama himself:

Toriyama was asked if the trio of Broly, Lemo, and Chelai is likely to play a role again

He responded by saying that Chelai and Lemo were his favorite characters in the series. Although they are side-characters in Frieza’s army, they turned out to be the most decent of the lot. Toriyama further said that if he had the chance, he would definitely give the trio a role in the future.

Toriyama was asked what his impressions are of Bardock, Paragus, and King Vegeta as fathers

He explained that Saiyans tend to place more emphasis towards making themselves stronger, so bonds between Parent and Child aren’t that strong. Both King Vegeta and Paragus used their sons to fulfill their own pride and ambitions. Bardock, on the other hand, had a bit of fondness for his son which is odd for a Saiyan. Come to think of it, Bardocks affection for Goku is what changed the fate of the Universe.

He also commented that Goku is not a good father when it comes to raising children. Vegeta, on the other hand, displays more affection towards his children, which might be due to Bulma’s influence upon him.

Toriyama was asked what his favorite battle scene was in the Dragon Ball Super movie

He said that the battle scenes were really incredible. The impression that the battle had really slipped into another dimension was a new and fresh take which paid off. He also said he particularly liked Goku’s bouncy warm-up sequence before the battle with Broly. These scenes were “adlibs” from the animation staff. (adlibs are details not described in the script)

Toriyama Was asked if he had any message for the readers

He responded by saying that he isn’t sure if the Manga can truly capture the incredibleness of the battle scenes from the film. The readers should try to imagine the sense of speed and impact as they are reading. That sense of imagination is important.

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