The Top Ten Best Dragon Ball Movies To Watch

The Dragon Ball Franchise has come a long way from its initial inception way back in the 1980s. Yet even after so many decades the franchise still stands firm. Part of the reason why the anime is still loved by fans all around the globe is due to the vast number of movies and specials that have been produced. Thanks to these movies the series has been revitalized and the series even more popular. So, here is a list of the top ten best Dragon Ball Movies to watch while you’re waiting for Supers returns.

Best Dragon Ball Movies

10. Resurrection F

Dragon Ball Movies

Starting off we have Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, a movie which brought back the series most popular villain of all time, Frieza. The story and plot of Frieza’s return may not have pleased many fans but that was made up by the amazing battles and action sequences in the film. Overall, it’s a decent movie that’s definitely worth a watch.

9. Cooler’s Revenge

Dragon Ball Movies

The fifth installment in the Dragon Ball Z films introduced fans to Frieza’s brother Cooler. In the past, it was quite common for Dragon Ball to introduce family members of past villains instead of just rebooting them. The film gave viewers a new perspective as the main focus shifts towards the other Z-warriors instead of Goku. Cooler himself was a neat character with a memorable cast of henchmen.

8. The Return of Cooler

Dragon Ball Movies

The Return of Cooler was the first decent Dragon Ball Z movie that actually introduced some interesting concepts of its own. The film is largely aided by a worth backstory from the previous installment but what really made it stand out was the inclusion of Vegeta. His presence can be immediately felt which shifts the entire tone of the movie. In contrast, The Return of Cooler was miles better than Cooler’s Revenge.

7. The History of Trunks

Dragon Ball Movies

Unlike the usual Dragon Ball movies where a new powerful villain is introduced, The History of Trunks decided to focus entirely on pivotal characters from the series past. Fans never got to see what happened in the alternate timeline of Future Trunks, this film bridges that gap by providing an emotional movie of Trunks’ past. You should definitely check out this movie.

6. Battle of Gods

Dragon Ball Movies

Battle of Gods paved the way for Dragon Ball Super back in 2015. The movie was met with a lot of criticism due to the plot holes and inconsistencies that it introduced but it is still a great movie nonetheless. One of the major issues that made the film feel a little lackluster was the absence of action. Most of the movie was spent in showing the Z-warriors hanging out and such.

5. Bojack Unbound

Dragon Ball Movies

Bojack Unbound was probably one of the best Dragon Ball movies of its time. The movie takes place after the death of Goku with Gohan as the main protagonist. The movie is memorable due to its amazing villain and henchmen which added a uniqueness to the rather bland set of Dragon Ball movies. The fight between Gohan and Bojack is incredible and worth watching.

4. Bardock – The Father of Goku

Dragon Ball Movies

The Frieza saga had a lot of unexplained content regarding the Saiyans, something that Vegeta mentioned several times throughout the arc. Bardock – The Father of Goku works as the perfect companion movie to the saga which provides much of the necessary backdrop for everything the series would get into. The film itself was an emotional rollercoaster with a brilliant ending.

3. Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball Movies

Before Dragon Ball Super came, if you ever asked someone who the strongest villain in the series was, the immediate response would be Broly. That is the impact that Broly – The legendary Super Saiyan had on the franchise. Broly is unlike any other villain the Z-warriors have ever faced, he’s sadistic and downright twisted – an element that makes the movie and the character even more interesting. The brutality in the movie sets it apart from other installments.

2. Fusion Reborn

Dragon Ball Movies

Fan service movies tend to throw in a lot of extra content which most of the times results in disaster, but sometimes adding more craziness to the mix can be exactly what leads to success. This is the same case with Fusion Reborn, a movie that is jammed packed with action, transformations, and even fusions. The movie manages to show off some epic battles all together with its comedic twists in place.

1. Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Dragon Ball Movies

There is no doubt that Dragon Ball Super: Broly is the best Dragon Ball movie to date. The very first entry in the Dragon Ball Super films was a huge success for the franchise, furthermore, Broly was finally added into the canon with a reboot to both his character and his backstory resulting in a much more streamlined experience for fans. The film is pure entertainment with non-stop action and epic soundtracks to back it up.

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