The Strongest Form of Cooler After Dragon Ball Super

The mysterious race of Frieza is a force to be reckoned with, time and time again they have appeared out of nowhere to challenge our heroes, stronger and more powerful than before. In Dragon Ball Super, we found out that the prodigal Frieza never trained a single day in his life! By training for only a brief period, he was able to unlock his golden form which was on par with Super Saiyan Blue.

Dragon Ball Super

Cooler is another member of this race who was as powerful as his brother Frieza. His Meta Cooler form made him even stronger due to the Big Gete Star. In the latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Meta Cooler made a comeback and this time he’s yet again crossed his brother in sheer power and strength.

Meta Cooler is introduced into the spin-off series while he is battling the evil Saiyan Cumber. Both Goku and Vegeta had a hard time facing off against Cumber but Meta Cooler not only stood his ground but also impressed Cumber. Meta Cooler explains that he has been improved drastically since his last appearance, gaining some new abilities along the way.

Meta Cooler unlocks his golden form and proceeds to charge Cumber. Being pretty evenly matched beforehand even with Cumber in his Super Saiyan form, when Cooler decides to unleash his true power, he gains an overwhelming advantage over the Saiyan as his power multiplies to dangerous levels. At this point, Cooler becomes invincible as Cumber can’t even touch him.

After become so overpowered, Cooler decides to quit toying around and finish off the Saiyan. He starts to charge up his final attack but at the last moment something malfunctions causing an immense amount of pain to Cooler. However, Cooler still manages to land his attack on the Saiyan after which he flees from the battle.

Overall, the new form of Cooler is way stronger than any other form of his character that we have seen. He could possibly be as strong as Goku or even Jiren. However, as this form was introduced in the Spin-off series, it is still not considered canon. Let’s hope that the Cooler makes a return back to the canon via the upcoming DBS Movie.

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