The Six Best Moments from Dragon Ball Z episodes

2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the critically acclaimed Dragon Ball Z series. Dragon Ball Z doesn’t require any formal introduction. It is one of the most popular anime series that not only revolutionized the anime industry but also inspired millions of fans around the globe. In honor of its 30th anniversary, we have prepared a list of some the best moments from the Dragon Ball Z episodes.

Tien confronts Cell

By the time Dragon Ball Z came out, Tien Shinhan was already a very underpowered character. Although he had no major play in the series, he did make some very important contributions. Especially when he faced off against Cell in an attempt to buy android 18 some time to escape. Tien uses his Tri-beam canon continuously on Cell, knowing full well that he could die in the process. Tien’s actions were heroic enough to earn him a spot in our list, even though he isn’t given proper credit.

It’s over 9000

“It’s over 9000” is a line which almost anyone can instantly recognize. Vegeta’s look of disbelief when he measures Goku’s power is enough to give you the laughs. Throughout the entire saga, the price stood watching with a smirk on his face but things quickly changed when Goku returned from King Kais Planet. The line became a meme sensation even before memes existed.

Ultimate Gohan

Dragon Ball Z episodes

Fans were disappointed to see how weak Gohan was in the Buu saga. That’s what happens when you slack off for seven years instead of training. But when Gohan arrives on earth to face Buu wearing his fathers’ clothes, he walks up to Buu and delivers the most epic line in Dragon Ball Z history. “Fight you? No, I wanna kill you.” Although this version of Gohan had no proper name, fans decided to settle on Ultimate Gohan.

Vegeta acknowledges Goku

Dragon Ball Z episodes

During their final battle against Buu, Goku and Vegeta desperately try to finish off Kid Buu. The prince of Saiyan’s proved to be powerless against Kid Buu. As he sat on the sidelines watching Goku fighting Buu, he thinks about his entire journey and how he always wanted to Best Kakarot. His pride had blinded him from the fact that Goku was better than him. In the final moments, Vegeta finally says “You’re better than me, Kakarot. You are the best.” These nine words alone are enough to make Vegetas redemption and the final saga worth watching.

Gohan turns Super Saiyan 2

Dragon Ball Z episodes

The amount of satisfaction one receives when Gohan punches cell is immeasurable. Normally a gentle person, if pushed far enough Gohan can go berserk. Triggering one the most epic transformation in the series, Gohan unlocked Super Saiyan 2 becoming the strongest Saiyan at that time.

Goku turns Super Saiyan for the first time

Dragon Ball Z episodes

No matter how many transformations are introduced into the franchise the first Super Saiyan transformation can never be toppled. The emotional torment and physical punishment Goku had to endure to unlock his Super Saiyan ability cannot be described in words. His Super Saiyan Transformation not only changed the series but also the entire landscape of anime itself.

Well, that was our list of the best moments from Dragon Ball Z episodes? Do you agree with our list? Comment below what your favorite moments in the show were.