The Reason Why Goku didn’t use Ultra Instinct in DBS: Broly

Power scaling in the Dragon Ball Universe has remained a major problem in the series, which was further highlighted in DBS: Broly due to the absence of Ultra Instinct. This form was attained by Goku when he was battling Jiren during the closing moment of Dragon Ball Super. It is without a doubt, the strongest form of Goku to date. This form allows its user to synchronize their body and mind granting them the God-like power of Ultra Instinct in return.

However, Goku’s strongest form was entirely absent in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, which is a direct sequel to the events after the Tournament of Power. Throughout the movie Goku and Vegeta both battled mostly using their Super Saiyan God form. Some fans did suggest that during one of the scenes, Goku’s hair turns gray-white for a brief moment suggesting that Ultra Instinct is still residing deep within him. Regardless of this theory, Goku does not use this new power in his battle against Broly.

Ultra Instinct in DBS: Broly

DBS: Broly

The reason for this was explained in the Dragon Ball Super Manga when Goku talks to Vegeta. He reveals that ever since the Tournament of Power, he has been unable to achieve the Ultra Instinct transformation. This suggests that Ultra Instinct can only be achieved when in the direst of situations. This explanation has several problems though, for one, it would mean that Jiren was a stronger foe than Broly. It would also mean that Goku did not fight Broly at his maximum power thus taking away much of the drama and intensity from the battle.

A better explanation for the absence of Ultra Instinct can be due to a root issue that predates even Super. In Dragon Ball Z, the power difference between each transformation can be felt by the viewers. Each transformation was explored in depth showing viewers the struggle our Heroes had to go through to achieve the next great level. The problem began with the introduction of Super Saiyan God.

DBS: Broly

SSJG had just been introduced with very little background story and some slight build up. It had yet to be explored in depth but all of a sudden, a new form was introduced – Super Saiyan Blue, this time with no build up at all. Since no story was shown between these two forms, the power difference between them was never quite understood. This can be further seen when Goku fights against Krillin and Android 18 in his SSJB form. Both of whom are nowhere near God-level characters.

In short, the addition of so many transformations in such a small span of time triggered a gradual breakdown of the already shaky power scaling. Ultra-Instinct was able to stabilize this by bringing along such a powerful transformation which placed Goku on an entirely different level. If this new form was used in the movie, this would’ve either made Ultra Instinct too powerful and in result Vegeta’s presence useless, or if Broly was able to match Goku then the form would’ve perished like all the other forms before it.

Perhaps it was in the best interest of the story that Ultra Instinct was left out altogether. The form is so powerful that it should only be used in very critical situations. Toriyama must have this notion in his mind. craigslist san diego

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