The Most Legendary Signature Moves In Dragon Ball

If it weren’t for the aid of signature moves, the Z-fighters would have found themselves in inhospitable circumstances. Luckily, there are moves like the Kamehameha, Special Beam Cannon, and Spirit Bomb that have saved the Z-fighters time and time again.

Whether they are used for good or evil, signature moves are the most powerful attacks that a Dragon Ball fighter can summon. Let’s take a look at some of the strongest and most iconic.

Final Flash

We’ve seen Vegeta use the Final Flash against Cell and also in Dragon Ball Super. Sporadic bolts of lightning surround Vegeta as he charges the attack. Had Vegeta launched the attack directly at Earth, it would have meant the end of the pale blue planet as we know it.


Even at a young age, Gohan was able to keep up with fierce fighters like Goku and Vegeta. He proved that age isn’t as important as one’s potential and willpower. We saw Gohan’s hidden power become unlocked when he visited Grand Elder Guru on Namek. Soon after he was able to pull of his iconic Masenko move.

Special Beam Canon

We can’t forget Piccolo’s enigmatic signature move. He is the only known user of the attack, other than copycats like Cell. In the most desperate times, the Special Beam Cannon can place the Z-fighters in a more auspicious situation. Its power can push past the limits of many Saiyans, and its power capability is exponentially large.

Destructo Disk

How a human like Krillin can summon powerful move like Destructo Disk has most people lost for words. Using the Destructo Disc, Krillin can slice through almost anything, which is why it is considered one of the most powerful attacks on this list. The downside to the move is that it’s very slow and can be detected by enemies unless they are distracted.

Chocolate Beam

Widely known as the “Chocolate Beam,” this move has the power to turn a foe into any object. Majin Buu turned a ton of Earth’s inhabitants into candy, which is likely why it is referred to as the Chocolate Beam. The Move would turn out to be a game-changer later on when Buu would use it to absorb Vegito.

Galick Gun

Although we rarely see it, Vegeta will use the Galick Gun when his real power is tested. We saw Vegeta fire the Galick Gun in Dragon Ball Super and again later in the series. Galick Gun is described as a blinding purple light. It is less powerful than Vegeta’s Final Flash, but still a devastating signature move.


Time and time again, Goku’s Kamehameha saves the day from those trying to bring harm to the inhabitants of Earth. His powerful Ki Blast grows in power throughout the series, with Goku having the power to dissipate an entire planet (and possibly a galaxy) with a single charge. And let’s just admit it, we’ve all tried to use the Kamehameha at least once in our childhood.

Death Ball

Despite Frieza being one of the most repulsive characters, his Death Ball move deserves recognition for being a momentous Dragon Ball signature move. Frieza’s Death Ball on Namek became a major influence on the events of Dragon Ball Z.

Spirit Bomb

Credited for being the signature move that has saved the Z-fighters numerous times, the Spirit Bomb is a move that is used exclusively by Goku. Learned from King Kai, the power of the Spirit Bomb is drawn from the energy of all living things in the universe, creating one attack with extraordinary power.

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