The Creator of Kid Buu

Majin Buu still remains one of Dragon Ball’s most intriguing characters. With each iteration of the series, we find out more information about his origins and powers but so far, we still don’t know very much about this mysterious character. First, we were told that he was created by Babidi and later on found out that he was in fact created by Bibidi. Now, however, we have a storyline that confirms that Buu is actually a creation of the Universe. Enter: Dragon Ball New Age, a Dragon Ball storyline that will give you a whole new perception to Dragon Ball Z and its various characters including Majin Buu.

To Understand the creator of Majin Buu, we must first step back and understand the four Aspect lords of the Dragon Ball universe. “Aladjinn” is one of these four Aspect lords who we can consider as the father of Kid Buu. He is the literal personification of everything that is fear, nightmares and pure evil. Unlike, the other divine beings in Dragon Ball, the four aspect lords act as fundamental entities that lack any physical form but are always omnipresent.

His connection with Kid Buu dates back to the origin of the creation of the Dragon Ball Universe. He played an important part in creating the 12 universes alongside the other Aspect lords. The Story goes on to relate how for billions of years, Aladjinn watched over the mortals with despise as he had no physical form to enter the mortal plane. This is when he decided to create his very own “son”, a spitting image of himself, pure evil and destruction. And that is how kid Buu came into existence.

So, in a way, Kid Buu represents Aladjinns desire to visit the mortal plane. However, since he is a morbid entity that lacks the means to traverse the universe, he sent Kid Buu in his stead to cause chaos and destruction in the 12 universes.

At one point in the story, we find out that the ancient warlock Bibidi acquires the lifeless body of Kid Buu. He takes this body to Aladjinn and begs him to transfers some of his powers into the body of Kid Buu. In return, Bibidi promises that his lineage will follow in his footsteps and will always honor the one true demon lord, Aladjinn. Eons later, Bibidi’s descendant, Babidi arrives on earth, where Kid Buu has laid dormant for a millennium. After that the story continues from the original Dragon Ball Z plot.

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