Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Piccolo and Android 18 Join the Fray

Goku and Vegeta’s rivalry has entertained fans for decades so much that the other characters in the series are outshined by them. One major rivalry that has been overlooked for quite some time is between Android 17 and Piccolo. Both of them faced off against each other in an epic clash during the Cell saga. Ever since the pair have become allies and even fought side by side during the Tournament of Power. The latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes brought back the unlikely pair to fight against the Core Area villains.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes

As Hearts and his crew shift their attention towards Universe 7, the trio of Saiyans (Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks) are already prepared for their arrival. Luckily, the Saiyans managed to bring along some much-needed assistance in the form of Android 17 and Piccolo.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Both Piccolo and Android 17 have come a long way since their battle back in Dragon Ball Z. Piccolo was able to gain a much-needed power-up by merging with Kami, resulting in him becoming the strongest character at that time. Piccolo even surprised the Androids when he arrived to challenge them. Delivering blow after blow, the battle between Piccolo and Android 17 was viciously amazing but was cut short due to Cells intervention.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes

By the time Dragon Ball Super came along, Android 17 was leagues above Piccolo as he could stand his ground against Super Saiyan Blue Goku. He also turned out to be the greatest asset for Universe 7 during the Tournament of Power thanks to his never-ending supply of energy. When Frieza and Goku managed to take down Jiren, Android 17 survived the brutal last battle and was the last man standing.

The spin-off series has brought the two back and placed them against the Androids Kamin and Oren. The two Androids fused together to fight the mighty Namekian-Android duo. Could there be a possible fusion between the two warriors? Knowing Dragon Ball Heroes, anything could be possible.

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