Read DBS Manga Online: Namekians on the brink of extinction

The Dragon Ball franchise has a reputation for killing people and even entire races. Although some characters do get revived every so often, the same can’t be said for a whole group of people. However, now it looks like the Manga is about to change things by attempting to rescue an entire race.

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If you’ve been keeping tabs with the latest issue of the Dragon Ball Super Manga, then you may already know who Moro is. For those of you who don’t know, Moro is the latest villain in the series. Unlike other villains, Moro is violent and bent on killing things. The evil sorcerer was revealed to be a past God of Destruction and he was just recently let loose.

Moro is on the search for the Dragon Balls, for what reason? We still don’t know yet. But so far anyone that has stood in his path has been ruthlessly slaughtered. The poor Namekians, who already lost a planet due to the notorious Frieza, are in firing range again. With his magical abilities, Moro is able to drain the very life force of planets and convert the energy into his own.

The Namekians even tried to fuse a group of Namekian warriors to create a Super Namekian that could stop Moro. But their attempt proved useless as Moro destroyed the warrior without even a sweat. The Galactic Patrol even hired Goku and Vegeta, two of the strongest warriors in the universe to deal with Moro. But they too proved to be powerless against the new threat.

Read DBS Manga Online

Read DBS Manga Online

The most recent chapter of the Manga honed in on the crisis in New Namek. At the beginning of the chapter, Goku wondered if Moro was targeting villages because he could sense Dragon Balls. Goku than asked the Namekian Elder to warn people and to refrain them from entering into villages. This way the Namekians would not be hunted down and could have a higher chance of survival.

With Majin Buu having joined Goku and Vegeta, there is sure to be a lot of carnage in the upcoming chapter of the Manga. If you still haven’t checked out the Manga, click here to Read DBS Manga Online.

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