Re-Watch Gohan’s Most Badass Moments In Dragon Ball

For all his powers, Gohan has a certain aura of reluctance when it comes to embracing the warrior life. Everyone else in the Dragon Ball universe is positively inclined towards over training and fighting. Gohan, on the other hand, tends to see fighting as a tool of the trade, rather than as an all-encompassing way of life (the way his father Goku does).

As the son of one of the world’s greatest warriors, there is no doubt Gohan has the save-the-world hero template in his genes. Let’s re-watch some of Gohan’s most badass moments in Dragon Ball.

Gohan vs Cell Juniors

This is Gohan at his most brutal. Gohan obliterates the Cell Juniors in so many magnificent kinds of attack – let us count the ways. He boxes and kicks a couple of Cell Juniors, and breaks them in half. He beheads another with a powerful right hook. He pummels another through two mountains before crushing it to oblivion. And all these happen with the most kick-ass background music as well.

Gohan vs Vegeta

This is the fight where Gohan finally manages to display true courage in the face of the Saiyans. He doesn’t back down whatsoever, charging head first into his fight against Vegeta.

A good chunk of the fight is framed through Goku giving Krillin the Spirit Bomb as well, giving the battle incredibly high stakes. Krillin missing only for Gohan to push the Spirit Bomb into Vegeta is a nice twist that ends up transitioning into even grander combat as Gohan turns into an Oozaru, severely weakening Vegeta.

Gohan vs Frieza

The courage that Gohan showed in this battle proved that he truly wasn’t that whiny baby anymore. Saving a friend while taking on one of the greatest villains ever is no easy task. Although Gohan did lose at the end, he showed Frieza that he wasn’t messing around thus earning this moment a place on this list.

Mystic Gohan vs Majin Buu

“Fight you? No, I want to kill you.”

Probably the most badass line in the series.

Of course, arrogance has always been one of Gohan’s character faults. But in this context, you can’t help but be awestruck at the person he has become. Gohan is no longer that whiny child with anger issues and uncontrolled bursts of power. He is supremely confident, and at ease with his power as he dons the mantle of a hero with haughty poise.

He pays for his arrogance later, but does it matter? This line struck a chord in many a fan’s heart. What is the use of having such awesome powers if you aren’t able to show it off, right?

Gohan vs Cell

It was obvious that this moment was going to be at the top if you made it this far. Probably the greatest moment ever for Gohan. He achieved a level beyond the normal Super Saiyan and even toyed with an enemy that gave the z-fighters so much trouble. Gohan’s badass attitude might have caused his downfall but it was still great to see. At the end, Gohan still proved victorious with the greatest Kamehameha ever!

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