Possible Plots For The Upcoming Dragon Ball Super Movie

Following the runaway success of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Toei animation recently announced that it was another Dragon Ball Super movie was in the works. Details about the next film haven’t yet been revealed or even decided on, but based on what Toei Animation executives are saying, it will be different kind of experience for Dragon Ball fans.

The mention that the next Dragon Ball Super movie will be “totally different” has led fans to some big speculation about what, exactly, kind of “different” they’re looking for from the franchise at this point. There are various pitches circulating fan chat threads, but here’s our list of the most likely plot for the upcoming film.

Exploring A New Universe

Dragon Ball Super knocked the door open to a much bigger Dragon Ball universe with the final arc of its anime. The “Tournament of Power” introduced major warriors from half a dozen new universes, and those warriors’ actions during the tournament helped to convey what kind of identity and backstory each respective universe brings to the table. There’s been a universe of love power, one obsessed with tech, one made up of warriors with weird powers and even one of a darker, more hellish nature.

That aforementioned lineup doesn’t even include the two universes that have had the biggest effect on the series: Universe 6 (with its own alternate version of the Saiyan race), and Universe 11 (whose Pride Troopers are arguably the strongest fighting force among the “lower mortals”). The Tournament of Power introduced several big story threads and mysteries centered around Universes 6 and 11 in particular, and either one would make a great setting for an entire Dragon Ball Super movie.

The Universe 6 Saiyans

Universe 6 may actually be the most interesting setting for the next Dragon Ball Super movie, Broly was a major retcon of Saiyan history, and a sequel set in Universe 6 could continue that thematic arc. Many Dragon Ball fans have been eager to see Vegeta and Cabba fulfill their promise to one another form the Tournaments of Destruction and Power, which would have Vegeta travel to the Planet Sadala of Universe 6, and meet its king.

A Dragon Ball Super movie set in Universe 6 would allow for a lot of world-building to happen, and for Vegeta to make this important turn in his character. The inclusions of current fan-fave characters like Hit, Cabba, and female Saiyans Caulifla and Kale would only help to sell the film to the worldwide fanbase.

Pride of Evil

Universe 11 currently houses one of biggest mysteries that’s been hanging in the wings of Dragon Ball Super ever since the Tournament of Power: the identity of the evildoer that killed Jiren’s family, friends, and shaped the powerhouse warriors’ fate. Ever since learning about Jiren’s origin story, Dragon Ball fans have been convinced that this mysterious villain would become the major part of the Dragon Ball Super saga somewhere down the line – and this second movie could be that opportunity.

Universal Conflict

Finally, the Super Dragon Ball Heroes promo anime has launched a story arc that sees a powerful villain team (the Core Area Warriors) go on a campaign of war and destruction in Universes 6 and 11, with the end goal of killing Grand Zeno and the other gods. If there’s a story that could tie up all of the lingering threads of Dragon Ball Super in big “event” storyline like a film, “Universal Conflict: Dawn of War” may be it.

Do you like these ideas for Dragon Ball Super’s next movie? Or would you like to see the current Moro arc in the manga adapted for a film? Let us know in the comments!

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