Moro Achieves Victory! Broly Defeated! Everyone Absorbed

Dragon Ball Super’s Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc is setting out to be the series best arc so far. One of the biggest reasons for the arc’s success is the new villain Moro. Moro’s unpredictability and eccentric nature has quickly made him one of the strongest villains to appear in the series. His unpredictability can be seen from his third wish which many fans were expecting to be anything but freeing the Galactic Patrol inmates.

As the events of the arc unfold, we still have no definite idea how the rest of the story will pan out and Moro’s unpredictability makes it even more difficult to decide on a particular narrative. However, there is ONE story that could explain what Moro intends to do in the future.

Our story starts off with Moro and his henchmen who continue to the scour the universe for viable lifeforms to feed to the ancient wizard. One of Moro’s henchmen detects a very strange yet powerful energy signature coming from an abandoned planet. Moro mentions how when he absorbed Son Goku, he saw visions of a warrior that was stronger than both of the Saiyans he faced. Obviously, Moro is talking about Broly and he soon gives the order to head towards Planet Vampa.

As Moro arrives on planet Vampa, his ship is suddenly attacked by Broly who considers them to be a part of the Frieza force. Moro sends out his henchmen to battle Broly while he stands far away from the battlefield, slowly absorbing the energy from Broly. As Broly gets stronger and stronger, Moro wonders where the Saiyans gets all of this rage and soon he finds his answer. While absorbing Broly, he sees visions of Broly’s father Paragus dying at the hands of Frieza.

Using his magical powers, Moro creates an illusion of Paragus in front of Broly and orders his men to attack the illusion. Seeing his father die once more in front of him, Broly is sent into a frenzy and enter into the Legendary Super Saiyan form. Amazed and surprised by his strength and power, a grin spreads across Moro’s face as he realizes that he hit the jackpot. As Broly pummels his opponents one by one, he slowly starts to get weaker and at one stage he falls lifeless on the ground.

Moro has finally drained Broly of all his life force and with the Legendary Saiyans power coursing through his veins, Moro is now even younger than before and even more powerful. Seeing their lord with such profound strength, Moro’s henchmen ask what they should do next. However, Moro explain that he has achieved all the strength he needs and requires no more assistance from them. The only thing left to do is to absorb the Supreme Kai and consequently kill the God of Destruction Beerus. Moro’s men suggest that they can fly him off to the Supreme Kais planet but Moro says that with his power, he is faster than their ship and can reach the planet before they do.

Meanwhile Goku senses Broly’s energy fade away and realizes that something is wrong, Goku instant transmissions to Planet Yardrat where Vegeta is finishing up his training. Vegeta already felt the huge energy spike as they both quickly travel to planet Vampa. They arrive too late as Broly lies dead on the floor with Moro no where to be seen. Moro’s henchmen are preparing to leave the planet when they suddenly see Goku and Vegeta. Mockingly, they explain that their lord has achieved what he desired and is now headed towards the Supreme Kai to kill him.

Goku finally realized Moro’s plan but he was too late. Goku and Vegeta quickly fuse into Gogeta and instant transmission towards Supreme Kais planet. However, once again they arrive too late. The Supreme Kai is nowhere to be seen and Moro, in his new and bulky form, laughs at the new warrior. He mentions that while he absorbed the Supreme Kai, he saw Gogeta and his battle with Broly. He already knows what Gogeta is capable of and knows all of his tricks and moves.

Our story ends here with Gogeta backed into a corner against the Mighty Moro. The only thing that Gogeta has going for him is Ultra Instinct or the special move that Vegeta managed to learn from Planet Yardrat. So, what do you think? Will the rest of the arc follow this story or will we see an entirely different story unfold in the Manga? Let us know in the comments below.

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