Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Could Possibly Defeat Moro

In Dragon Ball Super, fans saw Goku unlock several different forms and go through various different power ups. With the latest chapter of the DBS Manga being released, it seems as though the series is continuing to level up the Saiyan even more. Chapter 51 revealed a Major surprise for fans, as Goku finally mentioned Ultra Instinct and how he could use it to defeat the Ancient wizard Moro.

With Moro and his henchmen rampaging freely across the Universe, the Galactic Patrol can do nothing else but retreat back to there Headquarters. With Majin Buu out of commission, it seems as though the Galactic Patrol is powerless against the new threat. However, Goku mentions that they have yet to used their greatest weapon, pointing towards special agent Merus.

Goku can clearly sense that Merus is hiding his true potential. He forces Merus to spar with him for a few rounds, revealing the true skill and potential hidden within the soldier. With this new surprising discovery, Goku makes an odd request from the agent, asking him to become his teacher so that he can Master Ultra Instinct.

“There’s one move of mine that I’m still trying to master,” Goku says after asking Merus to be his teacher.

“It’s all about letting the body move on instinct, so it might work against Moro even when he starts absorbing my energy,” the Saiyan continues. “I’ve got a feeling that training with you could get me close to mastering it.”

So far, the heroes have been unable to do any significant damage to Moro, even in their most powerful states. The Ancient wizard has the power to absorb energy from any living source around him, rendering any sort of transformation useless. In the past, Goku has been thrown out of Super Saiyan because of this absorption technique. Ultra Instinct appears to tap power from a different source, so Goku thinks the technique may be the key to defeating Moro.

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