Janemba: Why is Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Next Character So Popular

The entire roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ’s second season of DLC characters has been revealed with the latest announcement of the upcoming character. The character is one which many fans have been desperately waiting for since the games initial release. Microsoft confirmed that the Janemba would be released after Kid Goku who was recently added to the roster in May.

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Next Character

For those of you who don’t know about Janemba, he’s the main antagonist of Dragon Ball Z’s 12th movie known as Fusion Reborn. Released almost 20 years ago, Janemba is very similar to Majin Buu when he is in his first form. His final form makes him a much serious and menacing foe who only wishes for chaos and destruction. Let’s take a closer look at this mysterious character.

Who or What is Janemba?

Dragon Ball FighterZ's

Janemba isn’t actually a single entity or character, he is in fact, the physical representation of all of the evil energy that was collected in a soul-cleansing machine in the afterlife – possibly since the dawn of time. The ogre in charge of the machine accidentally released the energy which enveloped and transformed him into a giant yellow monster that kept saying “Janemba.”

The demonic entity disturbed the balance of the afterlife by filling it with bean like orbs. His appearance resulted in the undead army being unleashed on the living realm, though that isn’t the main topic of discussion.

King Yemma sent Goku and Pikkon to stop whatever was causing the dimensional disturbance. The two quickly stumbled upon the giant Janemba, who even in his childish form had enough energy to wipe out the entire universe. Goku had to use Super Saiyan 3 to defeat the first form of Janemba, though this would eventually unleash the demon’s true powers. Slimming down to a more human size, Janemba’s second form was even deadlier and powerful than his previous form.

Even Super Saiyan 3 could not face off against the unstoppable demon. His unique abilities allowed him to deconstruct his body at will, avoiding any sort of damage. On top of that, he could also open up dimensional portals through which he could take the offensive against his opponents.

However, his most iconic scene came about when he used his reality-bending powers to craft a sword out of the ogre’s club. His sword emitted projectile beams that could slice through anything including the fabric of reality.

Why is he so Popular?

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s

Janemba stands out among the crowd of Dragon Ball Z villains who tend to be very generic and straight-forward. Janemba, on the other hand, is unique in several ways. He’s no powerhouse and he definitely doesn’t rely on giant energy clashes to defeat his opponents. He is more reliant on his abilities and powers that pretty much no other character in the series can perform.

Plus, his character is still a mystery due to his shallow personality and inability to speak. This leaves much space for the Dragon Ball creators to expand on his character and possibly reintroduce him to the canon, similar to how Broly was canonized. Who knows, maybe the upcoming Dragon Ball Super will do exactly that.

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