How Yamoshi Became the 1st Super Saiyan God

Yamoshi was the original Super Saiyan God yet we have never seen this character in the official canon of the Dragon Ball series. The only reason why we know about Yamoshi in the first place is due to him being mentioned by Akira Toriyama in several interviews. In Dragon Ball Super, we find out that Yamoshi was indeed the first Super Saiyan God, however, we never get to see his character or appearance. This is where the Dragon Ball community comes in to shed some light on his character and origin story.

Although there are countless fan fiction accounts of Yamoshi around the internet, the one we will discuss is probably the closest we can come to the official canon. This story takes part thousands of years before the events of Dragon Ball Z, in a time period when Saiyans were only starting to set foot in the stone age. Back then, the Saiyans had no warrior traits and were mostly focused on survival rather than honing their strength and powers. However, Yamoshi was different from his friends and family, he was an odd Saiyan who was quite similar to Goku and loved to fight.

This is a common trait among many fan fiction tales, where the main hero will be similar to Goku as is the case with Yamoshi in this story. In this interpretation, there are two main characters around which the entire story revolves around. Yamoshi and Cumber, yes, the same Cumber from Dragon Ball Heroes only this time he is in this specific time period. In simple terms, Cumber was the Broly of that time, a super powered maniac who only wanted to hurt and destroy people. The only person who was capable of stopping Cumber was Yamoshi himself.

Throughout the story, Cumber visits various Saiyan villages, slaying countless Saiyans and shredding them to pieces. One way or another, Cumber finds himself face to face with Yamoshi as he finally has to pay for his evil crimes. From this point onward, the entire story revolves around this massive fight between Yamoshi and Cumber. During the climax of their battle, it seems quite clear that Cumber has the upper hand even though Yamoshi was in his Ikari form. The only thing Yamoshi has on his side is the help of the other Saiyans and not in a physical form but rather a supportive one.

At one point in the battle, Cumber launches a massive Ki attack towards Yamoshi who tries to hold it off with his remaining strength. Meanwhile, Cumber launches a swift blow on Yamoshi’s wife which instantly kills her. Experiencing emotional pain and turmoil for the first time, Yamoshi lets go of all his anger and finally transforms into a Super Saiyan.

Remember that Super Saiyan was unknown to the Saiyans of the time and as such Cumber could do nothing but transform into his oozaru state and fight Yamoshi. Even in his Super Saiyan form, Yamoshi was unable to fight against Cumber and this is when the other Saiyans lend out their energy to Yamoshi, creating the first ever Super Saiyan God.

With this new found power, Yamoshi was finally able to destroy Cumber once and for all and later on would take his own life as well as he could not live without his wife. So, this is the story of how Yamoshi became the first ever Super Saiyan God.

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