HIT : How strong is the legendary Hitman from Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super has introduced a fair share of characters to Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball franchise, many of whom rival the series classic fighters in strength and power. Of all the characters introduced Hit is probably the strangest and most unique addition. 


Hit, renowned as “Never-Miss Hit”, is the legendary assassin from Universe 6. He has a famous reputation for killing his targets with a single strike and the skill to locate his opponents’ weak points. Hit faced off against Goku and the Z fighters several times. He was later revealed to be the strongest fighter from Universe 6 before kale and Caulifla’s fusion into Kefla. Let’s take an in-depth look at how strong Hit really is.


Hit made his debut during the tournament of destroyers, a contest between universe 6 and 7. Throughout the tournament, Hit was forced to use only a fraction of his power due to the tournaments strict rule against lethal force. However, Hit was still able to defeat Vegeta who was fighting in his strongest form of Super Saiyan Blue.


Goku faced off against Hit in the semi-finals with a fight so intense it left the arena severely damaged. After a long fight, Goku soon realized that Hit would never use his full potential during the contest. Disappointed, Goku surprisingly forfeited the match against Hit in protest.


Hit is one of the most unorthodox fighters in all of Dragon Ball. He has the ability to manipulate space and time. His signature move “Time-Skip” allows him to move a tenth of a second into the future, giving him the illusion of super speed. With this technique Hit can also incapacitate his opponents in something he refers to as a “Time Cage”.

In addition to altering Time, Hit can also slip through different dimensions giving him a form of teleportation. His “Phoenix eye fist” is his trump card move which allows him to kill any formidable target, even those that are stronger than him.

Although Hit does not possess any form of transformation like the majority of characters in Dragon Ball, he can, however, improve his potential tenfold during combat making him one of the most dangerous characters ever introduced to DBS.



It’s worth mentioning that Hit has only appeared a few times so far, but we still don’t know how strong Hit is. He has never gotten a chance to show his full power. Specifically, what this means is that Hit is forced to hold back in every single one of his canonical fights.  In the universe 6 arc, he held back due to the strict rule against violence. In the tournament of Power, he tried harder against Jiren, but yet again he had to hold back due to the rules clearly stating that an opponent’s life cannot be harmed. For all we know Hit could be stronger than Jiren. Jiren didn’t take out Hit easily by any mean, Hit even came close to taking out Jiren with his time freeze. If the Saiyains had helped Hit out they could have defeated Jiren.