Here’s the Reason Behind Dragon Ball Super’s Quality Problem

Dragon Ball Super's

The latest episodes of Dragon Ball Super Dubbed have been riddled with quality problems which have led to a lot of controversies online. The episodes which are being premiered on Toonami and on Adult Swim have suffered from a very noticeable quality dip in the visuals department. Fans were quick to question this change and now the Toonami Executives have finally responded to the fans and explained what is really going on.

The original Japanese version of the anime had quick and relentless fights and battle scenes. However, on Toonami and Adult Swim, they were edited to a lower frame rate which resulted in slower fight scenes and a dip in the quality of the episodes.

A user on Twitter even compared the Japanese version and broadcasted one which clearly shows a difference in the visual quality. The Creative director and Toonami Co-Creator, Jason Demarco responded to these queries on Twitter, giving fans not only a valid reason but also promised to improve the quality of the future episodes.

Dragon Ball Super’s Quality Problem

Demarco explained that the framerate issue is due to a hardening test that each episode must undergo before it is broadcasted. The test checks for any photosensitive images and content that may cause medical problems to people affected by epilepsy. The latest episodes of Dragon Ball Super have failed to pass this test and as a result, Toonami was forced to change the quality of the content.

Demarco further elaborated that, “Our program edit folks, who do these tests, normally just slow the cuts down in these scenes to about four frames per second. In the case of DBS episodes, it made the fight scenes look insanely slow. Program edit does this routinely, so they didn’t even think to notify us.”

Demarco did reassure fans that this problem would be fixed and future episodes would be better in quality. Japan was able to overcome this problem by just dimming the bright lights in those specific scenes. We will have to wait to see if Toonami does actually deliver as they have promised.

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