Five Reasons Why Gogeta is Stronger Than Vegito

Fusion in Dragon Ball has always been an intriguing and fascinating subject and considering the fact that fusion was introduced so late in the franchise, it’s been hard to grasp the concept clearly. There are two types of fusion in Dragon Ball, the “Fusion Dance” and the “Potara fusion”, both of which debuted during the Buu saga. Both of the fusions allow two individuals to fuse into one persona but with major differences between the two.

Dragon Ball fusion

Likewise, Goku and Vegeta have performed both the fusion techniques resulting in the creation of two of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball Universe, Gogeta, and Vegito. Vegito made a comeback during the future trunks arc in Dragon Ball Super and recently Gogeta was also introduced to the canon via the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie.

One major debate has always remained heated amongst fans of the series: Who is stronger? Gogeta or Vegito? With the return of Gogeta, debates have once against sparked and we are here to prove that Gogeta is indeed stronger than Vegito.

His Base form is stronger

The Potara fused Vegito starts off in his Saiyan Base form and from there onwards he powers up to the higher states of Super Saiyan, However, Gogeta starts off in a stronger Base form that closely resembles Super Saiyan 2. Gogeta is at a much superior level than Vegito due to his immense raw power. During his battle with Broly, Base form Gogeta was easily able to dodge and block all of his attacks, something that both SSJB Goku and Vegeta were unable to do.

He gets straight to the point

Vegito’s personality is inclined more towards Vegeta which is the reason why he exhibits a lot of cockiness and occasionally ridicules his opponents. In the same way, he possesses Vegeta’s strategic and analytic mind allowing him to improvise and adapt to the situation.

Gogeta, on the other hand, is incredibly calm, collective and cunning. He rarely speaks and when he does it’s mostly to taunt his opponent. Unlike his Potara counterpart, Gogeta gets straight to the point and doesn’t mess around. This may be due to the fact that he has only 30 minutes before the fusion breaks.

Gogeta has a better track record

When it comes to actually dealing with villains, Gogeta has a way better track record than Vegito. He not only defeated Janemba but also took down the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly. Vegito, on the other hand, failed against both Super Buu and Merged Zamasu.

He doesn’t have to worry about the Potara

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The Potara earrings are definitely one of the strongest artifacts in the Dragon Ball Universe. Potara fusion may last longer than the fusion dance but there are too many variables involved that make the fusion pretty risky. For example, if the earrings are destroyed during fusion, the fusion ends, making the earrings a wide target for many opponents.

Stardust Breaker

Most of the characters in the Dragon Ball Universe has his or her special move, even weaker characters like Krillin (Destructo disk) have their own distinctive trump cards. Sadly, Vegito is amongst the few characters who lack their own distinctive moves aside from the “Big Bang Kamehameha.”

Whereas Gogeta has probably one the most powerful and cool-sounding Ultimate special move: the Stardust Breaker. A rainbow energy sphere which Gogeta crushes in his hands and launches at his opponent, disintegrating them entirely and even their soul. This attack was able to defeat Janemba and badly wounded the Legendary Saiyan as well.

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