Fans Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z

For most fans, Dragon Ball Z was their first introduction to Akira Toriyama’s most popular anime and manga franchise. The series’ first episode officially premiered on TV on April 26, 1989, about 30 years ago. Fans around the world are celebrating the series 30th anniversary by sending out tweets and posts. It’s a perfect time to relive the entire series and its legacy.

Dragon Ball Z is the sequel to the lesser known Dragon Ball which isn’t a much of a smooth predecessor. However, Dragon Ball Z featured a major overhaul of the series and quickly rose to become one of the most beloved anime around the world. After all, It has had such an impact on the industry that almost every Shonen out there today is seen to take some sort of inspiration from the series.

Dragon Ball Z stands out from other anime series due to its amazing plot and character developments. Moreover, the villains throughout the series are popular worldwide. The animation and fight choreography was one of the best during its era and not to mention the number of fans this series received is ridiculous.

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z was the first anime series to popularize transformations and power-ups. This would later go on to be copied by several games and anime. Almost each and every character in the series taught some sort of valuable life lesson. Goku taught fans to never give up, similarly, Gohan taught us how to be soft-hearted yet strong at the same time. Vegeta taught self-respect and pride.

What are fans saying?

Fans are sharing their memories on Twitter and Facebook showing how much the series means to them. Different artist collaborated together to create stunning art as a token of appreciation for those 30 years of entertainment. Keep Scrolling to find out what fans are posting on the series 30th anniversary.