DragonBall Super Manga awakens Buu’s true Power

DragonBall Super Manga

In the latest chapter of the DragonBall Super Manga, Goku and Vegeta finally get a breakthrough with their battle against the evil sorcerer Moro. Things are looking in their favor as the galactic patrol bring along with them some much-needed aid.

The chapter begins with both Goku and Vegeta preparing to sacrifice themselves while defending the final Dragon Ball. Moro- the newest villain in the DragonBall Super Manga, has already collected six of the Dragon Balls and only needs one more to fulfill his wish. Goku and Vegeta stand no chance against the powerhouse sorcerer who has the magical ability to drain all the energy from his opponents including Saiyan’s. Paired with the fact that Moro can also sense Dragon Balls, it doesn’t take much time for the villain to find the final Dragon Ball.

However, just when Goku and Vegeta think that it’s all over, the Galactic Patrol shows up, bringing with them the ultimate weapon to counter Moro: Majin Buu! As always Buu is found sleeping when the Galactic Patrol springs into action. But Moros evil presence quickly wakes up Buu. This time Buu has a serious look on his face, almost as if something inside Buu has woken up due to Moros presence.

Buu is the ultimate weapon against Moro

The Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc kicked off with the backstory of how Daikaioh, the God of Supreme Kais, first defeated Moro ten million years ago. This same guy was absorbed by Majin Buu during his rampage years ago. Although millions of years have passed, it seems as though the Daikaioh can still sense Moro. The old God is ready to fight the evil sorcerer once more.

Fortunately, Buu turns out to be the perfect counter against Moro. With the Daikaiohs powers, Buu can completely negate any of Moros magical attacks. His taffy-like body allows him to easily withstand the sorcerer’s energy siphoning attacks. The chapter ends with Buu standing Triumphant against Moro and ready to defeat him once and for all. We will have to wait another month for the next chapter. Until then fingers crossed that Buu is able to finally end Moros reign of terror.

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