Dragon Ball’s Majin Buu Joins Jump Force via DLC

Dragon Ball’s Majin Buu has been gaining a lot of attention lately, mainly due to the Dragon Ball Super Manga that has kept the series running long after its conclusion. Now, it seems like Majin Buu is getting another highlight through the anime-crossover game Jump force. The developers of Jump force have kept the game alive by releasing DLCs packed with new characters and content.

After the release of Yu-Gi-Oh’s Seto Kaiba, My Hero Academia’s All Might and Hunter x Hunter’s Biscuit Krueger, Dragon Ball’s Majin Buu is also being added into the game via the upcoming DLC pack. Bandai Namco shared this information through an official tweet that also shows the initial preview of Majin Buu. The Collection of screenshots definitely indicates that the character will be an interesting addition to the game’s roster.

From the screenshots, we can see Majin Buu utilizing his signature attack that allows him to transform his opponent into a bar of chocolate. The comedic nature of the character alongside his funny and hilarious moves will brighten up the game, giving it a new feel as well. It’s going to be particularly interesting to see how many of his quirky moves will be incorporated in the final game.

You can purchase the Jump force DLC pack alongside the character pass in just $29.99 USD. The pass will grant you access to all of the nine intended DLC character additions. Pass Holders will also receive early access to each character four days before the launch date. You can also purchase characters individually for $3.99 USD. Future characters might include Bleach’s Toshiro Hitsugaya and Grimmjow, My Hero Academia’s katsuki Bakugo and Naruto’s Madara Uchiha, that may join the roster later down the line as a part of the upcoming DLC.

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