Dragon Ball Z: Mysterious Scouter Language Deciphered by Fans

Dragon Ball Z fans are no strangers when it comes to scouters, but they’ve never been able to understand the language. For so long, fans have relied on the characters to reveal things that were going on with their scouter. However, things have changed now, with the Scouter language finally deciphered fans are already committing it to memory.

The redditor, SummerFlux was able to decipher the mysterious language appearing on scouters and other objects in Dragon Ball Super. While Watching Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Summerflux noticed that the symbols appearing on screen were coming in a pattern. On closer inspection, he observed that each symbol directly translated to an English letter or number.

“Okay so you may have noticed that before DBS: Broly, there seemed to be no discernible pattern to what the scouters say. It was just a big jumble of shapes and symbols. But when watching the movie, I noticed (during the scene where Cheelai first sees Paragus) that the numbers rose in an orderly fashion,” SummerFlux posted on Reddit.

Scouter Language Deciphered

At first, SummerFlux had some difficulty translating the language, until the scientists attempted to scan Brolys Power level in the movie. During the scene, their scanners flashed red, which Summerflux assumed was an error message. By cross-referencing known letters and some story context he was able to decipher the message which indeed read “error”.

Summerflux posted his findings on Reddit, “Of course I couldn’t just figure out what any of it meant without a solid starting place. It took a while, but I found it. The first time the scientist scans Broly’s baby pod it reads out numbers and then blinks red with what I could only assume was an error message.”

He then went on to share the complete translation of the scouter language alphabet, giving the fans a chance to decipher messages on their own.

Scouters first appeared in Dragon Ball Z, when Goku’s Brother, Raditz, arrived on earth. Radizt used his scouter to measure the power levels of different characters. So far attempts to translate those readings have been unsuccessful with SummerFlux’s translation. The older series don’t seem to use the same language as seen in Dragon Ball Super.

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