Dragon Ball Z Artwork Gives Fu A Sinister Makeover

Dragon Ball Z has created so many villains that it’s really hard to keep track of them. Over the years, both canon and non-canon villains have appeared through the anime and the movies. Some have fallen to the wayside, while others have returned several times to challenge our Heroes once more. Frieza may be the first name the comes to mind, but another villain that many fans seem to forget is Fu.

Initially appearing in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and created for Dragon Ball Online, Fu has made his comeback through spin-off series Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Thanks to one artist, fans can now see what the character would look like, had he been introduced into Dragon Ball Z first. RenanFNA shared his Dragon Ball Z take on the classic villain Fu. The makeover is heavily inspired from the artwork appearing in the original DBZ episodes, imagining Fu in a different manner as compared to the Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

The artwork makes Fu look way more intimidating and sinister thanks to the flat color scheme of DBZ. The richer hue makes everything much more dramatic alongside the characters bulkier tone combined with his angular face, Fu definitely looks a like a villain straight from the Dragon Ball Z anime. A future anime project inspired by this artwork would be amazing to watch.

The character himself has been an interesting addition to the spin-off series. The promo anime has given him a unique role different from the usual villainous shenanigans. Reappearing as a fully-grown adult, Fu has used his demonic powers to enslave some of the strongest fighters in the multi-verse in his prison planet. Things get slightly out of hand when Goku and Vegeta attempt to save Trunks from the Fu’s grasp. Since then, the pair’s arrival has commenced a chain of battle and events leading to the destruction of several universes.

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