Dragon Ball Unguarded: Frieza’s Tragic Childhood

When we first saw Frieza on Namek and all throughout that arc, he didn’t change at all. Even when he met Goku, who is notorious for changing people, Frieza was still Frieza, he didn’t change for anyone and anything. Even after Goku lent his energy to Frieza, he still tried to kill Goku.

This is the tragic story of Frieza’s childhood, something so traumatic that it wasn’t even officially licensed by Dragon Ball Z. All the painful things that Frieza had to endure as a child which would go on to affect him as an adult are all mentioned in this story.

Our story starts off with Frieza’s mother which in itself is a huge plot twist for many fans reading this. So far, we all thought that Frieza’s race reproduce asexually similar to how the Namekians reproduce but in this interpretation Frieza does have an actual mother. In the beginning pages you can even say a little baby Frieza wrapped around some sheets which is kind of cute.

As soon as Frieza is born, his father King Cold, takes Frieza in his arms and demands to know his power level. Just hours after his birth, Frieza is already being prepared to become a strong and violent soldier all thanks to his father. Cooler, Frieza’s older brother, has also been manually crafted by his father into the cold and viscous monster that he is.

Already losing one of her sons, Frieza’s mother tries her best to protect her newborn son from King Colds influence. She promises to raise her son as a normal and sane being. However, Frieza is gradually affected by his father and even his brother to the point that at the age of five years old, Frieza was already ruthless and violent to the core. No matter how hard Frieza’s mother tries to stop her son from following the same path as his father the further Frieza strays from good.

In one shot of the story we can see King Cold and Cooler training together. It is quite evident that King Cold is immensely disappointed by Coolers performance and lack of power. Disgusted by his brother’s weakness, Frieza laughs and taunts him saying that he won’t inherit his father’s empire. Enraged by his little brother, Cooler tries to smack Frieza but Frieza launches a death beam straight through Coolers chest.

Amazed by his son’s prowess at such a young age, King Cold takes Frieza in his arms and promises to make him the next King. Soon after we can see King Cold testing out Frieza’s abilities and pretty soon we find out that Frieza is a combatant prodigy that requires no training as he is way more powerful than his father and brother. You can read the rest of the story from here.

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