Dragon Ball Super: Where will the series go after Broly?

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Dragon Ball Super: Broly the latest entry in a long line of movies was recently released by Toei Animation. The film’s ending has left a lot of fans scratching their heads thinking “what comes after?” Despite the rather straightforward story of the movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly has steered the Dragon Ball franchise into uncharted waters. Many Fan theories have quickly popped up as well adding to the mayhem. What comes after Dragon Ball Super: Broly? Let’s break it down.


DBS: Broly is an official marker of when Dragon Ball became a full-on, fan service franchise. It’s something that has been happening slowly over the years ever since the Tournament of Power arc. The final weeks before the series end was basically a showdown between the fan-fav fighters.

dragon ball super

After the series end, the franchise has solely leaned towards the fan-service approach. Just think about the fact that the first movie to be released after DBS was a Broly reboot. Broly has been one of the most iconic characters in the franchise since his introduction 25 years ago. The decision to bring him back in this new film has definitely paid off.


So now that Akira Toriyama, Toei and the rest of the dragon ball animators have seen that fan-service has worked the next step would be to see what the fans want. That process is already underway with the release of several new games and the introduction of a new arc in the manga series. The new arc brings together a fearsome new villain and some old Dragon Ball Z story threads for a story that could entirely redefine Goku and Vegeta’s powers.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes, a fan-service fighter game became popular enough to spawn an entire Dragon Ball Heroes promo anime. The spin-off has virtually no limits to what kind of crazy fan-service events can occur in it.

These little experiments don’t carry much risk as the main anime series remains unaffected by what goes on in them. If something does affect the anime than there is enough freedom to selectively adapt that piece of the puzzle into the official canon. It’s what Dragon Ball Super: Broly did with its major reboot of the Saiyan history, piecing together a lot of formerly non-canon storylines into a bright new official backstory for Goku, Vegeta, and Broly.


The most likely future for the franchise may lie in the manga continuing from the anime. The manga has gone beyond the events of the series, showing Goku and Vegeta being called to New Namek to save it from a new enemy Called Moro.

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Moro is unlike any of the villains Goku and Vegeta have faced before, using his vast arsenal of magical abilities. Moro is able to use the planet’s very elements against the Saiyans to quickly gain the upper hand. In the face of Vegeta’s new transformation, Moro is able to drain energy from the planet itself to grow stronger and overpower the two Saiyans with ease.

Dragon Ball has featured magical characters before, including Baba and Babidi, but these characters usually allow stronger companions to do the fighting for them. Moro marks an antagonist that is both physically imposing and features abilities different from the usual opponents we are familiar with. The manga provides the franchise with a strong direction to potentially move forward.

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