Dragon Ball Super Voice Actors Tease The Anime’s Future

The Dragon Ball Super Franchise has slowly become the powerhouse of the anime world as the series has reached new heights that it has never attained before. Dragon Ball Super has helped the franchise to critical acclaim and popularity all around the globe. The “Tournament of Power” arc open new doors and opportunities for a much bigger and more exciting Dragon Ball Universe.

Sadly, however, the series disappeared at the worst possible moment when it was on top of the anime scene. With over a year’s hiatus, there is still no sign of the fan favorite series return. Early in 2019, rumors were circulating around the web that Dragon Ball would eventually make a comeback in summer but these rumors turned out to be false. Meanwhile, the Dubbed version of Dragon Ball Super is thundering through the Tournament of Power arc and closing down on its epic finale.

Two of the most prominent voice actors from the series, Sean Schemmel (Voice of Goku) and Monica Rial (Voice of Bulma), shared their optimistic view of the anime’s future. In a recent interview, the two were asked what would lie ahead and the respond was very positive.

Dragon Ball Super Voice Actors Tease The Anime’s Future

“…We don’t know what we’re excited about because we don’t know what’s coming out,” Sean Schemmel confessed. “But I know that there was, Japan had teased two to three years from now, perhaps another movie, I don’t know. But… strong Internet rumors is all I’ve got for you.”

While some fans may be disappointed in the vagueness of that answer, they should remember: the voice actors (especially English Dub actors) are usually some of the last to be informed about whether or not a series is continuing, or a movie is getting a sequel. However, Schemmel and Rial aren’t new to the ups and downs of the Dragon Ball business: they’ve both been with the series since the 1990s days of Dragon Ball Z. So, while they might not yet have all the specifics from Toei Animation, the actors are uniquely suited to be able to read the writing being scribbled on the wall – and in their reading, there are big things on the horizon!

“There’s an energy, there’s like a buzz in the air?” Monica Rial explained, “Like, we feel it and it’s tangible and we’re like, ‘OK! We’re excited!'”

The actors both basically hint that they know there’s something on the way – even if they, like so many of us fans – are still waiting to learn how that next installment of the anime takes shape. In the same conversation, Schemmel hinted that the series is ready for major changes like Dragon Ball spinoff series and the like. As fans wait on the next anime, the Dragon ball Super has continued past the Tournament of Power to introduce an exciting new arc that fans are loving, while anime spawned a movie reboot of Broly that has become the most successful release yet for the series.

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