Dragon Ball Super: Storylines That Were Never Resolved

Although Dragon Ball Super isn’t technically over, the anime has been quiet for quite a while now. The series officially continued with Dragon Ball Super: Broly and has been chugging along comfortably in the manga as the Moro arc transitions into its next major phase.

Unfortunately, all these different continuities do mean that Dragon Ball Super as a whole feels far messier than Dragon Ball Z in some areas. The anime ended with a number of plotlines left unresolved—plotlines that Super likely won’t get around to in either the movies or manga.

Twin Universes

Twin Universes really should have been a bigger deal than Dragon Ball Super made them out to be. The series hits the ground running with the Universe 6 Tournament, a story arc that focuses almost exclusively on the concept of Twin Universes, but it does so without getting into the specifics. By the Goku Black arc, the concept is all but thrown out. 

It’s a disappointing turn of events, especially considering how much fanfare Twin Universes were given. It seems like Toriyama and Toyotaro didn’t want to stick with the idea, instead opting to make each remaining universe has its own identity. 

The Namekian Book of Legends

Many fans theorized that this would be Piccolo’s get out of free card during the Tournament of Power—the key item that allows him to fight on the same level as the gods. Instead, it goes completely ignored as Universe 6’s Namekians all merge together and Piccolo is unceremoniously knocked off by an invisible foe. 

What makes the Namekian Book of Legends so interesting is the fact that it’s brought up casually, only to be more or less immediately forgotten. It’s the most important piece of world building the Namekians have seen since the Namek arc. Hopefully, the Moro arc dives a bit deeper into this detail. 

Goku and Hit’s Rivalry

Hit is one of Goku’s more interesting rivals in that he doesn’t actually do much expected of a rival. Outside of a filler mini-arc, Goku and Hit’s rivalry is ignored completely by Toriyama and Toyotaro. In the manga, the two never have their rematch, and the anime version of the Tournament of Power acts like the Hit mini-arc never happened. 

Future Trunks’ Fate

While Future Trunks’ story reaches a conclusion, it doesn’t exactly reach a real resolution. He’s shipped off to another timeline by Whis, and that’s the last fans see of him. It would be as if Dragon Ball Z simply ignored Trunks after he went back to his timeline instead of dedicating the end of the Cell arc to wrapping up his story. 

Bizarrely, the manga adds a bonus chapter that features Trunks deciding to stay in the main timeline only for Gohan to convince him to leave. All things considered, it’s a rather sloppy and undignified way of kicking Future Trunks out of the main cast.

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