Dragon Ball Super Reveals Moro’s Perfect Form

Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 51 sees the Dragon Ball universe enter into a new dark stage. The Evil sorcerer Moro and his gang of henchmen are terrorizing the entire universe by ravaging planets and then feeding them to Moro.

As mentioned in previous chapters, Moro’s process of consuming energy and life forces comes with some transformative side effects. And Moro we see in this latest chapter has eaten well enough to achieve a new ‘Semi-Perfect’ status!

As you can see above Moro is steadily growing younger and more fit with every life force he consumes. Dragon Ball Super artist Toyotaro has been skilled at slowly but surely illustrating the changes to Moro’s physique – a nice turn on the usual formula for Dragon Ball villain transformations. Typically, Dragon Ball villains tend to undergo transformation similar to that of the Saiyans – step by step.

Moro himself mentions how the consumption of selected planets is helping him recover to his true form;

“Planets inhabited by such unique species possess a spectacular energy. With this, my physical recovery is essentially complete.”

With just a little bit of life energy Moro was able to hold his own against both Vegeta and Goku. After terrorizing and consuming life on New Namek, Moro was able to nearly beat and drain the two Saiyans to the point of death. With most of New Namek in his gut, Moro was able to thrash the likes of Majin Buu/Daikaioh, even when the Lord of Lords stopped the villain in the first place – and nearly did so again on New Namek. Now that the Ancient Wizard has finally reached his peak, how will the heroes ever stand against him?

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