Dragon Ball Super Return: Latest News and Update 2019

For almost over a year now, fans have been receiving continuous rumors regarding the return of Dragon Ball Super. Time and time again, Toei has denied each and every rumor leaving many fans skeptical over the anime’s official return. Ever since the release of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, fans have been desperately waiting for any sort of official announcement from Toei but so far, we have received nothing from Toei’s side.

Dragon Ball Super Return

Recently, a poster has been circulating around the internet which claims that Dragon Ball Super will return in November of 2019. The youtuber UnrealEntGaming was quick to point out that this fake and any such poster that claims the return of Dragon Ball Super without any official notice from Toei is definitely incorrect.

Dragon Ball Super Return

Many respectable sources have claimed that Dragon Ball Super will most likely be announced this July. During the recent Annual Licensing Trade Show held in Italy, a panel of Dragon Ball Super representatives hinted at the anime’s return in July 2019. The panel refused to share any more info but the date they provided closely matches the previous rumors shared by Geekdom101 and Yonkou Productions.

Dragon Ball Super Return

Dragon Ball Super is also going to appear during the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con being held this July. A large Panel from Toei will be present there and it is very likely that some official announcement will be made during that time. The official announcement could possibly be the much-anticipated return of Dragon Ball Super. Hopefully, Dragon Ball will be announced soon.

In short, we still don’t have any official confirmation of DBS’s return, but fans should keep their eyes open as Toei will definitely make a statement sooner or later. Fingers crossed, July 2019 will finally bring back DBS and free us all from these fake rumors.

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