Dragon Ball Super Manga Teases Piccolo’s return in the new arc

Dragon Ball Super Manga

The latest chapter in the Dragon Ball Super Manga just revealed the violence ensued by the series newest villain Moro. In his bloody rampage to steal all of the Dragon Balls, the evil sorcerer is destroying anything that stands in his path. Furthermore, it was revealed that Moro could sense the Dragon Balls directly, which makes gathering them much easier for the sadistic maniac.

The Story

As Moro slaughters his way to the remaining Dragon Balls, six of which he has already found. His rampage begins to gain attention throughout the universe, including the two Namekians living on earth – Dende and Piccolo.

In one scene, viewers are shown Dende at Kamis Tower, where he serves as Earths Guardian watching over the Planet. Dende can sense the Pain and Suffering his fellow Namekians are feeling. He tells Mr. Popo: “Something terrible is happening on my home planet.”

At that exact moment, the Namekian Warrior Piccolo arrives to visit Dende. Both of them exchange looks of concern. Piccolo confirms his fears as he tells Dende that he stopped sensing both Goku and Vegeta’s Ki signatures on Earth. Which could only mean that they traveled to Planet Namek? “Something is definitely happening and it’s not good,” Relates Piccolo.

This scene is the perfect moment to set the stage for Piccolo to enter the fight for New Namek. For months, many fans have been speculating that Piccolo might join the fight against Moro since it is his home planet which is under attack. The storyline could also see the Namekian getting a mighty Power boost against Moro. However, currently, the main weapon against Moro is Buu, who was recently brought by the Galactic Patrol to aid against the evil sorcerer. It’s highly unlikely that a cunning villain as Moro would fall to the same opponent again.

Besides, it wouldn’t seem right to wrap the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc without giving some sort of Justice to the Namekians. The first fused warrior that they sent was brutally killed and more followed. A stronger fusion between Piccolo and other Namekians might do the trick. Who knows what will happen? Dragon Ball Super Manga comes out this week.

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