Dragon Ball Super Manga Reveals the true Power of Moro

The latest arc in the Dragon Ball Super Manga has introduced a new villain to the franchise, Moro. The latest chapters have been revealing just how powerful and brutal the new villain is. Moro is an ancient evil sorcerer who has laid siege on New Namek in order to obtain the Namekian Dragon Balls. To this end, he is ready to slaughter anyone standing in his way. The Galactic Patrol hired Goku and Vegeta to take care of this menace, but Moro is proving too much to handle for both of them.

With every new chapter, The Dragon Ball Super Manga teases just how powerful Moro is than Goku and Vegeta. Moro has the ability to absorb the life-force of his opponents and even Planets. He can even convert this energy into his own and use it against his opponents. Both Goku and Vegeta have never faced such a villain before. When Moro absorbed the very life force from the duo it became clear how lethal of a villain he really is.

Who is Moro?

The Dragon Ball Super Manga revealed a little bit of backstory to the character of Moro. The first time we get to see the villain was in a flashback dating back to millions of years ago. Moro is seen battling a god named Daikaioh. The same god was mentioned in Dragon Ball Z during the Buu saga. Apparently, he is the same God who sealed Moro in order to stop his evil reign of destruction. However, in the Manga, Moro describes the situation differently. During his first encounter with Goku and Vegeta, Moro Said:

“This was surprising, as being such as yourselves did not exist in my era. The only one who stood in my way was the Great Lord of Lords who stole my abilities.”

Moro confirms that the Daikaioh used his god powers to steal his magic and was then able to defeat him. The technique is called “Kai Kai Matoru” but the manga intentionally zooms out so that we don’t actually get to see what occurs when Daikaioh uses this technique.

This revelation may have a major impact on the future of the Dragon Ball Super Manga. If the Daikaioh stole Moro’s magic powers for a short period of time then it could possibly be done by Buu as well. Don’t forget that Buu is actually the fused form of Daikaioh and Majin Buu, who just woke up from his slumber. More importantly, if a god had to steal Moros powers to defeat him than Moro is arguably more powerful than a god.

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