Dragon Ball Super Manga reveals the true power of Moro

Dragon Ball Super Manga

Dragon Ball Super Manga has reached a crucial point in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc, with Chapter 48 being released yesterday, fans finally got to see the battle between Moro and Majin Buu unfold. The Chapter continues from where it left, with Majin Buu giving his all against Moro. The evil sorcerer finally meets an opponent he cannot win against. Majin Buu is so confident that he will win that he even stops for a second to wave towards Goku and Vegeta.

Meanwhile one of Moros henchmen, Cranberry is able to sneak into the Namekian Village and kill the elder guarding the final Dragon Ball. With all seven Dragon Balls in his possession, Cranberry summons the Namekian Dragon God Porunga who in return grants him the customary three wishes. As Cranberry was heavily injured during his fight with the Galactic Patrol, his first wish was to be completely healed.

As he is about to make his second wish, he gets a psychic message from Moro, who as it turns out can sense the Dragon Balls power as it is activated. Moro demands Cranberry to wish for his magic to be restored but Cranberry hesitates to which Moro threatens to chase him all around the universe if he doesn’t obey him. Cranberry then wishes for Moros magic to be restored.

Dragon Ball Super Manga

As soon as Cranberry makes the wish, Moro suddenly gains immense new powers as he flies off towards the Namekian Village. His speed is so fast that even Goku and Vegeta can’t see him as he flees. Back at the Village, Cranberry is about to make his final wish to escape from the planet but before he can ask for his wish Moro arrives and kills him with a gruesome punch through his chest.

With one wish still remaining, Moro asks for a wish which we don’t exactly get to find out as the panel changes. All we know is that as Moro makes his wish, he adds the following “if you can grant this one.” Whatever he wished for was something incredibly powerful and in the end, he seems to have gotten his wish granted.

Dragon Ball Super Manga

The Chapter ends with Goku and Vegeta getting their energy restored from the Daikaioh who has appeared from inside of Majin Buu. Both Vegeta and the Daikaioh are holding on to Goku as he is about to use the instant transmission. Where could the trio be possibly headed? Well, we’ll have to wait for the next chapter of the Dragon Ball Super Manga to find out.