Dragon Ball Super Manga: latest arc explores new technology

Dragon Ball Super Manga

Technology in the Dragon Ball Universe is an extremely vast and engaging subject. Although the original series was inspired by ancient cultural concepts, mostly from China, the series has also been notorious for its use of technology. From scouters and indestructible armor to Artificial Humans (Androids) and time travel machines. Dragon Ball has some of the most advanced technology you’ll ever see.

The latest arc in the Dragon Ball Super Manga has introduced a lot of new tech and gadgets. We first saw how the Galactic Patrol were able to overpower Moro with their gadgets. The elite Galactic Patrolman, Meerus, was able to stand his ground by only using blasters, rocket boots and other gadgets. Although he was unable to defeat Moro, he still gave the villain a run for his money.

Dragon Ball Super Manga

Dragon Ball Super manga

The latest chapter introduces even more new technology, this time belonging to the Namekians. One of Moro’s henchmen was able to infiltrate the village which was protecting the final Dragon Ball. With all Dragon Balls in his possession, Cranberry attempts to summon the Dragon Porunga but to no avail. To summon the Dragon, you need to speak in Namekian language, when Cranberry realizes this, he places a Namekian translator helmet onto the head of one the children and uses it to summon the Dragon Porunga.

Cranberry proceeds to translate the former Frieza force members wishes and uses this to technology to completely heal himself and restore Moros magic. Ultimately it was the Namekians own technology that was used against them. By using it for his wicked purposes, Cranberry was able to singlehandedly give Moro the upper edge. There could still be more Namekian Technology that readers don’t know about. If there is, will it help our heroes in their battle against the ancient sorcerer?