Dragon Ball Super Manga: Chapter 49 Review and Spoilers

Chapter 49 of the Dragon Ball Super Manga was finally released today, bringing with it the best fight in the arc so far. The Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc is slowly developing into the best arc produced by the Manga and the latest chapter is nothing less than amazing.

Dragon Ball Super Manga

The Chapter starts off with a fully-powered Moro attempting to drain the entire energy from New Namek. Goku, Vegeta, and the Daikaioh all rush to Moro in order to finish him off once and for all. However, they are greeted with a mirage of illusions which the trio frantically try to beat. The Daikaioh senses the real Moro and rushes off the face him in the void of Space. Goku is quick on his heels and tries to follow the Daikaioh but Vegeta reminds him that Saiyans can’t survive in the vacuum of space.

As the Saiyans are forced to watch the battle unfold, Meerus and Jaco arrive to help them out. Meanwhile, The Daikaioh is having a hard time battling Moro who in turn makes fun of the Daikaioh for being so powerless. Moro is surprised as he can’t sense any sort of God Ki from the Grand Supreme Kai. Daikaioh tries to fool Moro by acting as though he will seal him but Moro sees through his deception and pummels him to the ground.

Back at the Ship, Meerus explains to Goku and Vegeta that the Daikaioh can’t seal Moro because he has lost all of his God Ki when Majin Buu split into his evil and good forms. The good Buu retained the Daikaioh’s appearance but the evil Buu took all of his power including his God Ki. Vegeta complains that such gimmicky techniques never succeed and the only way they can bring down Moro is by brute force.

Meerus asks Goku and Vegeta if they can guarantee that they will beat Moro to which Vegeta explains that they are the strongest fighters and a single full-powered SSJB would be enough to take down Moro. A reassured Meerus heads out into outer space to bring Moro back down to the surface so that the Saiyans can fight him on fair ground.

Meerus Succeeds in bringing Moro back to the surface and once against the Saiyans prepare to face off against the mighty Moro but before they can charge him Moro reminds them of his third wish. The chapter ends with this notion still hanging about Moro’s third wish which is still unknown.

Dragon Ball Super Manga

Dragon Ball Super Manga
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