Dragon Ball Super: Goku Recruit A New Master To Teach Him Ultra Instinct

The Latest Chapter of the Dragon Ball Super Manga is finally here after a months long wait. The Chapter is filled with some very important revelations, but one reveal stands atop of the rest. As it turns out, Goku has received a new master to help him learn Ultra Instinct.

In the Previous chapter of the Manga, things weren’t looking very good for out heroes. Moro’s third wish was finally revealed as he freed all of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner effectively granting him an entire army. Outnumbered and outpowered, Goku had could do nothing but teleport out of the sticky situation alongside Majin Buu and the others.

However, Vegeta decided to stay behind and carry on towards his own path. He hijacked one of the ships and forced its pilot to head towards Planet Yardrat, the same planet where Goku learned the Instant Transmission technique. As the chapter later on reveals that Vegeta also intends to learn a new technique from the race living on the Planet.

In Chapter 51, Moro and his henchmen start to rampage across the Universe as they ravage and destroy any Planet with a significant amount of energy. Moro’s henchmen help the wizard to locate viable targets for him to devour and become stronger. Meanwhile, the Galactic patrol is powerless against this new threat and can do nothing but watch the chaos as it ensues.

However, Goku decides to have a sparring match with Merus who has yet to show off his true potential. Just as Goku expected, Merus was far more skilled than him in combat. Later on, he even asks Merus to train him so that he can achieve Ultra Instinct once more which would help them to defeat Moro.

Goku explains he’s been attempting to learn Ultra Instinct and that training with Merus could help him master the technique. Merus agrees, and the two make plans to train together. There’s no indication Merus can actually use Ultra Instinct. Instead, it’s more likely Goku is interested in Merus because of his uncanny ability to dodge and react, much like Master Roshi.

The issue concludes with Moro’s forces targeting Earth and preparing to lay waste to the planet. The Z-Fighters on Earth are likely not expecting Moro’s ability to absorb energy, which could have deadly consequences in a future installment.

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