Despite seeing it in action several times, Ultra Instinct remains one of Dragon Ball’s most mysterious techniques. As far as Dragon Ball Super’s anime, Goku is the only character besides Whis who has used this technique in battle.

Even after seeing it three times in Dragon Ball Super and several times more in Dragon Ball Heroes, there are still several theories about Ultra Instinct that have either been proven false or remain un-investigated, but as loyal Dragon Ball fans, we’d love to see them be put to the test sometime in the future to add to what we do know about this technique.

The catalyst to Ultra Instinct requires your own attack to be thrown back at you

When they first fought, Goku was no match for Jiren, who even managed to deflect Goku’s Spirit Bomb. The following explosion appeared to have completely vaporized Goku, but it only spurred a new transformation. Many fans theorized that if a strong enough attack was deflected at its user, Ultra Instinct would be attained, but as the Tournament of Power progressed, that didn’t seem to be the case at all.

High-stress situations seem to be the main trigger for Ultra Instinct, and it just so happened that Goku’s own Spirit Bomb nearly ripping him apart happened to be pretty darn stressful.

Someone other than a Saiyan can master Ultra Instinct

In the Dragon Ball Super manga, Master Roshi went up against Jiren, and to everyone’s surprise, he was able to avoid several of Jiren’s attacks despite being leagues beneath him in terms of power. This scene wasn’t in the anime, but it’s reassuring to know that beings besides Saiyans and Angels also possess the capacity to learn Ultra Instinct, even if they lack the power to blow up planets with a finger.

Goku can combine Ultra Instinct with other transformations

Being the natural combat genius that he is, Goku has been known to combine skills that have often left his opponents stunned. Most recently, he combined the Kaioken’s unstable nature with his imperfect Super Saiyan God Blue to defeat Hit during their first showdown.

How awesome would it be if he could go Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken while utilizing the abilities of Ultra Instinct to avoid enemy attacks without even trying? Not only would he probably be able to wipe the floor with Beerus, but he’d look pretty cool doing it.

The more you think, the less likely you’ll be able to master Ultra Instinct

When Whis was first shown sparring against Goku and Vegeta in Resurrection of F, his mastery of Ultra Instinct allowed him to dodge their attacks while absentmindedly admiring stray flower pedals. He pointed out during the Tournament of Power that while Vegeta is too methodical in his fighting style, Goku is more in touch with his instincts, which is why Ultra Instinct came more naturally to him.

As long as Vegeta is actively trying to attain Ultra Instinct, he won’t. Basically, the key to mastering Ultra Instinct is to think less in general, and for someone like Goku, that’s just a part of who he is.


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