Dragon Ball Super Fanart imagines Thanos and Frieza Fusion

Dragon Ball Super Fanart

Avengers Endgame has become the highest grossing movie to be ever released. This is no surprise as the movie concludes the 20 plus movie saga as fans get to see the final fight against the mad Titan Thanos. Combined with the fact that the 30th anniversary of Dragon Ball Z just recently passed; fans have been busying making crazy cross-over fanart. Anime fans around the world are making Dragon Ball Super fanart.

One of the more “awesome” art imagines Dragon Balls Frieza fused with Marvels Thanos. Considering how much similar the two villains are to each other, such a fusion does indeed “put a smile on my face”. So, what would the two homicidal maniacs look like fused together? Take a look at it yourself down below.

Dragon Ball Super Fanart

@mika_rottier_drawing, the artist who drew this sketch, posted his drawing on Instagram. His sketch went viral instantaneously as fans of both Dragon Ball Super and Marvel agreed that this was one the best cross-over arts so far. The purple and gold colored theme make the fusion even more enticing. Add the infinity stones and the Gauntlet and you have a recipe for Mass destruction and chaos. The art looks a lot like Frieza in his armored form wearing Thanos’ armor. Fans, however, are getting more King Cold vibes from this look as King Cold was larger and squarer faced than Frieza.

The biggest question still remains unanswered, however, what will this fusion be named? Maybe Threeza or possibly Franos? King Throst seems like a good name. Another big question, would they fuse with the Potara earrings or with the fusion dance? Can’t Thanos just absorb Frieza and become stronger? Could the Dragon Balls be used to reverse the fusion? And what would be stronger, the Dragon Balls or the infinity stones?

The fanart has brought with a storm of questions which many fans are already debating over. So, what do you think about this fanart? Let us know in the comments below.

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