Dragon Ball Super Dubbed: Fans reaction to Ultra Instinct

Dragon Ball Super Dubbed

The long-awaited English Dubbed debut of Ultra Instinct finally arrived with the release of Episode 110. Fans finally got to see Ultra Instinct Goku in action for the first time in Dragon Ball Super Dubbed. Unfortunately, however, Funimation decided to change some of the translations in the episodes leading to a lot of backlash from fans and critics. Things got even more complicated when the episode changed Ultra Instincts name to “Autonomous Ultra Instinct.”

Dragon Ball Super Dubbed

For those of you who have watched the latest Dragon Ball Super Dubbed episode, it featured Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren. The battle between the two powerhouses was amazing and what made it more epic was the cheesy background music. The dubbed version introduced a slightly altered version of the Japanese hit single “Ultimate Battle.” The Japanese single became immediately popular with fans but the same can’t be said about the English dubbed one.

This isn’t the first time the dubbed version of the anime has tried to introduce its own music. From opening themes to battle OSTs, lots of songs have been translated into English for the dubbed version. “Ultimate Battle” seems to be the latest victim to undergo a drastic change.

The Ultra Instinct form was a ground-breaking moment in Dragon Ball Super and fans have been referring to it for almost a year since its release. With a sudden change in its name fans have been thrown in a loop. Many fans are enjoying the new name, some even find the name fitting for the already mysterious form which we know little about. Other fans just outright hate the new name.

Fan reactions are definitely mixed, read on to see what fans have to say about the new Ultra Instinct Designation, Autonomous Ultra Instinct.

Dragon Ball Super Dubbed

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