Dragon Ball Super Dubbed: Episode 117 Recap and Spoilers

In the previous episode of Dragon Ball Super Dubbed, Goku was able to eliminate Universe 6’s Kefla using his Autonomous Ultra Instinct form. However, the battles after effects are now kicking in as Goku can barely even stand up. With just 20 minutes left in the Tournament of Power, the remaining fighters are battling it out even harder with the Do-or-Die situation slowly building up.

Dragon Ball Super Dubbed

Seeing Goku out of stamina and undefended, Gohan and Piccolo try to run to his side but are stopped by the Universe 6 Namekians, Saonel and Pirina. Vegeta, on the other hand, come across Universe 3’s Katoplesia who vows to defeat the prince of Saiyans. Vegeta considers this the perfect moment to attempt Ultra Instinct himself. He tries to lower his defenses but with nothing happening, he decides to fight back.

Android 17 and 18 also prepare for their next battle but with 18’s leg injured from the previous battle, the two recuperate. 18 thanks 17 for taking part in the tournament as she too also has a family to protect. Suddenly, Goku is surrounded by several warriors from Universe 2 whose God of Destruction instructs them to eliminate Goku from the tournament. Universe 2’s Ribrianne and Roze gather their energy for a large attack but are interrupted by 17 and 18. Roze and Ribrianne attack the Androids leaving Goku to fend off against the other warriors.

With her injured leg, 18 seems to have a hard time against Ribrianne and the same goes for 17 who is taking on Rozie. As Krillin cheers for the Androids, Ribrianne is insulted by his looks and charges once more towards 18. Android 18 tries to dodge her attacks but her leg injury prevents her from fleeing. Luckily, 17 arrives to help her out by deflecting Rozie’s attack towards Ribrianne. The two Androids team up and eliminate Rozie by getting Ribrianne to hit her teammate by mistake.

Frustrated by the Androids, Ribrianne traps 18 by a Ki Ball she had prepared beforehand. She also pins down 17 before he can help 18 out. Ribrianne transforms into a giant version of herself with butterfly wings by absorbing energy from her remaining teammates. She charges one last powerful attack but before she can launch it, Krillin shouts from the stand and encourages 18 to fight back.

With newfound power and hope, 18 breaks free from Ribrianne’s shackles and shatters her powerful attack. With 17’s help, the two Androids are able to counter her huge attack and eliminate her from the Tournament. The three remaining fighters from Universe 3 continue to surround the weakened Goku. There are only 15 minutes left in the Tournament of Power.

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